Can CBD Get Me High?

When it comes to catching a “buzz,” you will be down on your luck if you look for it in CBD. CBD is non-psychoactive. That means that it does not induce a mental change.

The cannabinoid that will alter your mental state is THC. That’s why at Hemp Depot, we specifically create our products using hemp, not marijuana. That way, they have very low levels of THC, as per the federal, national, and local regulations, and high levels of CBD.

While extracted from cannabis plants, CBD is only one of several different compounds that lays inert within the greenery. And while a great many consumers are aware that CBD is non-psychoactive, there are still many who aren’t. For this reason, they shy away from CBD products before even giving them a try.

But fear not, many retailers have found ways to educate their customers about CBD and break down these stigmas. By equipping yourself with a little patience and a lot of knowledge, you will find that it’s easy to explain the effects of CBD to your customers and help them become more receptive to the idea of using CBD products.

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Educating Consumers About the Effects of CBD

Federal regulations limit the content of THC in these products to 0.3% – an amount not even high enough to fail a drug test. In order to pass a drug test, you must have no more than 50 ng/ML of THC in your system.

It is important to relay this and more information to your consumers. An informed buyer is a happy one. Present resources for them to go to and always be ready to present your certification(s) or license(s) per their request.

Promoting a knowledgeable following will lead to an increase in sales, brand recognition, and maintain loyalty. These are all essential parts of what it takes to grow a successful business.

Navigating Misinformation About Products

The mainstream media’s representation is not always accurate and could lead to confusing consumers. Explain each and every one of your products in a concise, fluent manner that rectifies this miscommunication between fact and fiction.

For instance, our CBD isolate wholesale products can be explained as a white, crystalline powder or solid form of the most potent, pure cannabidiol there is. It can be ingested orally, vaped, or used as an ingredient to cook. It contains less than 0.3% of THC, which is not enough to get consumers high.

Make a point to avoid including any medical benefit claims. The Food and Drug Administration was given full disclosure in the Farm Bill of 2018 to have their own precedence over CBD and will enforce its jurisdiction when it comes to manufacturers making medical claims.

Keep in mind to be understanding of any reservations that customers might come to you with. Explain to them that it is not possible to get a high from CBD and why. If they are still concerned, show them studies that support what you are telling them.

The Bottom Line

The benefits of CBD can be plentiful, but only if the customer feels comfortable consuming it. Create a friendly environment where they are not scared to come to you with questions and concerns and the sales will follow.

Have Questions?

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