Can CBD Impact My Driving or Operating Heavy Machinery?

CBD products made by a trustworthy CBD manufacturer are quickly becoming some of the most popular supplements on the market. And for good reason: people see results. But for many first-time users, the thought of taking anything even vaguely related to marijuana can be disconcerting. After all, getting high interferes with their ability to take care of daily tasks—and performing some of those tasks is downright dangerous.

Driving while high is something no one should ever do. But does that mean you should avoid getting behind the wheel or operating heavy machinery after taking CBD?

Does CBD Impact My Ability to Drive?

CBD made from hemp can legally contain no more than 0.3 percent THC. This is the component that gives marijuana users the traditional “high.” The amount in hemp-derived CBD products is so low that you won’t get high or feel buzzed, even if you take large doses throughout the day.

This means you should be able to perform daily tasks without interruption. Even better, your workplace won’t be able to fire you for using CBD since it’s considered a legal supplement.

However, just because CBD can’t get you high doesn’t mean you should operate heavy machinery or drive after taking large doses. Remember, the way your body reacts to the supplement may be different than what others experience.

Extremely High Doses May Affect How You Feel

Yes, you can have too much of a good thing and hemp-based CBD products made by a licensed CBD manufacturer definitely qualify. In fact, when you take massive doses of CBD, your body may have trouble digesting it. This can leave you feeling ill, tired, or even give you a feeling of brain fog.

Anytime you’re feeling unwell or unable to focus and still get behind the wheel, you put yourself and others at risk.

After you take a high dose of your CBD product, pay attention to how you feel. If you feel unwell or notice that you’re having a harder time focusing on things, don’t drive or operate heavy machinery. It’s far better to play it safe than to push yourself too hard and end up getting involved in an accident.

The Solution? When In Doubt, Take Smaller Doses

When it comes to CBD, less is almost always more. People tend to see more benefits from using products when they take the smallest dose possible. The best thing you can do is follow the suggestions on the label when first starting out and pay attention to how those doses make you feel.

If you see the benefits from the CBD manufacturer’s suggested dosage, keep taking that amount. This will help you safely get behind the wheel and makes it possible for you to continue working without any issues. If the dosage doesn’t feel high enough, gradually increase the amount you take until you can feel a difference.

Finding the right dosage takes time and a bit of patience. Don’t try to rush the process by taking excessively high doses right off the bat.

Remember, Every Product Is Different

Even experienced CBD users can have different reactions to different products. This is because the ingredients get metabolized differently, changing the way you experience the benefits of the CBD. The dose that worked with one tincture from one CBD manufacturer may be too high with a different tincture.

Anytime you try a new product, start with the dose recommended on the label. You can always adjust it as needed. But by taking things slow and starting with the smallest dose, you’ll be able to prevent those unpleasant side effects of taking too much CBD at once.

Use Caution When Driving

No matter how often you take CBD or how consistent your dosage is, use caution when driving. If you feel that you’re reacting differently to the CBD or just don’t feel comfortable with the idea of getting behind the wheel, don’t. Remember, you don’t have to get high in order to be a safety hazard on the road.

Always Buy High-Quality Hemp-Derived CBD

Most commercially available CBD is produced in a carefully controlled environment. This means the CBD manufacturer monitors the potency and checks for purity with every batch. The more controlled the process is, the more consistent the products (and your suggested dosages) will be. This allows you to better calculate how much CBD you need to take far more quickly.

Look for brands that supply lab test results and never buy products on the street or through online retailers that don’t verify the quality of the products they sell. Doing so increases your risk of getting an inferior product.

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