Can I Fail a Drug Test When Taking CBD?

As fellow business owners, we have an inherent understanding of how important careers are to the working class. That’s why at Hemp Depot, we take great care to make sure that our products are made using only the safest and purest CBD. This is our Pure Guarantee. We only provide the highest quality products that are federally and locally certified to ensure that they contain either zero or very low levels of THC.

While you should not fail a drug test while consuming our products, we are not legally allowed to state whether or not someone will pass a drug test. However, each of our products are meticulously crafted in a lab environment and are tested to ensure compliance with all federal and local regulations.

CBD & Drug Tests: Rewiring Consumer’s Fears Through Education

Rampant misinformation about this topic spread quickly once the use of CBD became more mainstream. It is important to address this with your consumers (and/or employees) and to educate them until there is a solid understanding of CBD as a whole and its related policies.

Positioning yourself as a voice of authority in the field will result in more sales, loyal consumers, and brand you as a leader. Take care to take the time to provide information to your customers and employees to promote well-rounded knowledge on the topic.

This information could come in the form of a conversation, articles or blogs, interviews, studies, and any other form of media. Make it easily accessible to your consumers, so that they always have a place to go when they have any questions or concerns. It makes a difference for them to have resources to fall back on.

Maintaining High-Quality Control of Your Products

To avoid issues, always ensure you are sourcing your products from a certified and licensed grower and be sure to view their COAs to verify the amount of THC in their products. Every one of our CBD products are third-party tested and are carefully handled to ensure the highest quality.

Since CBD is not legally permitted to have more than 0.3% THC in it, most drug tests should not be able to detect it. The threshold of THC in one’s system to pass the test is regarded to be 50 ng/ML. This amount should not be metabolized from the consumption of our CBD products, however, we cannot make any guarantees since individuals metabolize CBD differently.

Getting ahead of the game and addressing this concern with your consumers upfront is a good business practice. It is a surefire method to facilitate a strong bond as both a brand and a business.

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