Can Seniors Use CBD?

According to a recent Gallup poll, approximately one in five seniors now partake in some form of CBD therapy. It is projected that this number will only increase over the years as further research is completed and the general public gains a better understanding of CBD.

Until then, the public is slowly shedding its stigma about CBD. Seniors may be hesitant to partake in CBD due to the immense amount of misinformation out there. This is why at Hemp Depot, we suggest doing thorough research to answer any questions seniors may have.

In this article, we’ll outline some important facts about CBD use for seniors, its safety, and legality.

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Ageless Approach, Aging Agendas: CBD Use in Senior Citizens

The political and public landscapes have taken massive strides in recent years when it comes to its understanding of cannabidiol. Landmark decisions have been made by Congress to federally legalize hemp-derived CBD – paving the way for a booming industry.

An industry of which can be explored by adults of any age. Seniors are turning to cannabidiol at an unforeseen rate and for good reasons. Explore medical and scientific studies that prove supportive evidence of its effects to come from an informed place when marketing your products.

That said, there is still room to err on the side of caution. For example, there are still restrictions about adding CBD to food products. The Food and Drug Administration was given full discretion to operate with its own authority in the Farm Bill of 2018. The FDA has not updated its policies and is still working to become more informed about the safety of CBD products at this time.

It’s important to be honest about this information when marketing your products to seniors and other consumers. Encourage them to do their own research and, most importantly, consult their doctor before using CBD.

Altering Public and Private Opinions

While the industry begins to regulate itself, there is a social movement building to redefine public and private knowledge of cannabidiol. Evolving these opinions will help set a solid foundation for the future of CBD – a future of which is bright.

Seniors are a rapidly growing portion of CBD consumers. When leveraging your products toward them, be sure to explain them in layman’s terms and answer any questions or concerns they may have. Do not make any medical benefit claims, as the FDA has stated that it will enforce its jurisdiction.

Is CBD Safe for Seniors?

At this time, there are no known negative consequences of CBD use for seniors. Cannabidiol is versatile and can be consumed by adults of any age. It does not result in a high and should not show up positive on a drug test. However, CBD may interact with some medications, so it’s important that seniors talk to their doctor first. Relay this information to your consumers – the more they understand, the better.

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