Can You Freeze CBD Oil?

Can You Freeze CBD Oil?

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Nevertheless, as a greater number of people buy a CBD product, confusion crops up regarding CBD oil storage. Does ever it pops into your mind that, can you freeze CBD oil? Some people propose storing it in the fridge, while others place it in a cupboard. Can CBD oil remain on your kitchen counter, or does it require to be stored away from direct sunlight? Is it essential to refrigerate CBD oil? Due to its strong healing properties, CBD oil has become hugely popular. As per numerous studies, it provides multiple health advantages and research demonstrates it can aid with several medical conditions like pain, depression, and anxiety. Here’s all you need to know regarding storing CBD oil.

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Does CBD Oil Require To Be Refrigerated?

Can You Freeze CBD Oil?
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If you desire to enjoy the entire health benefits of CBD oil, you are required to store it correctly. But do you truly need to refrigerate CBD oil for preserving it? The reply to the query is: not necessarily. Nevertheless, it might be a nice idea to place it in the fridge to stop the compounds contained in the oil from degenerating and to aid retain its viscosity.

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Can You Keep CBD Oil In The Fridge?

Refrigerating CBD oil is hugely recommended if you are purchasing the product in bulk. If you just purchased a bottle of CBD oil and intend to use it straight away, you can simply stock it in a cool and dark place such as your health cabinet. Though if you buy it in bulk amounts and don’t intend to utilize all of them immediately, refrigeration can prolong its shelf life.

Further, if you live in a place that is extremely humid or hot, refrigeration may be useful. As this product does not carry preservatives, it needs to be stocked in a dry, cold place like the fridge to stop the development of bacteria and mold.

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Can You Freeze CBD Oil?

Can You Freeze CBD Oil
Can You Freeze CBD Oil?

Now that you are aware that storing CBD oil can aid to better its shelf life, you might be wondering if freezing may simply be a better idea to stretch its longevity further. Stop immediately. Very cold temperatures can influence the consistency of the oil. Freezing CBD oil can make it get thick. It gets still thicker if you blended it with carrier oils such as coconut oil.

Under zero temperatures can make CBD oil’s chemical components act differently. When frozen, the oil might crystallize. And if that occurs, it will be hard to extract the oil from the container. Apart from that, the oil may appear cloudier. While it might seem slightly unusual, the happy news is that it doesn’t actually impact the oil’s quality.

Don’t get scared if you’ve placed your CBD oil in the freezer since you weren’t aware of how to store it correctly. Let it stay at room temperature for some hours for it to revert to its normal state. Simply don’t place it in an oven as high temperatures will degrade the active ingredients.

Though you can melt your oil after freezing it, doing this constantly might cause your CBD to spoil faster. While defrosting your tincture, run warm water over the bottle till the oil acquires the desired consistency. Do not place the oil in an oven or microwave it. This will make the solution very hot and ruin the CBD!

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Does Coconut Oil Have To Be Refrigerated

If you wish to maintain your coconut oil in liquid form, you certainly shouldn’t toss it in the refrigerator. Nevertheless, if you require your coconut oil to remain in a solid state, it’s prudent to store it in the fridge.

There’s no requirement to refrigerate coconut oil. It’ll endure a long time – almost 2 years – in your pantry. Just fix the lid on tight. Based on how warm it becomes where you reside, your oil may turn from solid to liquid in the jar. That’s natural and there’s no need to do anything concerning it.

Shelf Life Of CBD Oil

CBD oils usually last for nearly one year. For alcohol-based tinctures, the shelf life is prolonged to two years. Nevertheless, the duration for which CBD oil will last finally rests on how you store it. By understanding a few essential factors, you can prolong the shelf life of your CBD oil without placing it in the fridge.

Extraction Method

The CO2 extraction technique comprises the golden standard for preparing CBD oils as it doesn’t employ toxic solvents that could deposit harmful residue at the bottom and endanger the stability of hemp compounds.


Top-quality products are more time-resistant. And regarding the quality of CBD oil, you need to regard both the quality of your extract and extra ingredients, like the flavorings, carrier oil, etc.


Besides the quality, different ingredients can impact the shelf life of CBD oil.


Credible CBD companies employ dark bottles to preserve their CBD oils’ freshness. That’s because dark containers avoid exposure to light and reduce the risk of splitting down cannabinoids with time.

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How Long Is CBD Oil Good For Once Opened

As stated previously, proper storage can prolong CBD oil’s shelf life without refrigerating it. Once you’ve uncorked the bottle, the general chemical profile and potency of the product should stay unaltered for six months, assuming that you store it in a dark and cool place. Reduced temperatures can preserve the delicate compounds in the product, maintaining it fresh for longer.

Does CBD Oil Go Bad If Not Refrigerated

If you wish to keep proper shelf life and enjoy all the advantages of CBD oil, proper storage is preeminent. You need to prevent exposure to air and sun since these 2 factors lead to the degradation of terpenes and cannabinoids – jeopardizing your product’s potency. But is refrigeration of your CBD oil really needed to preserve the active compounds? Not essentially.

Obviously, refrigerating CBD oil may be advised if you purchase CBD in bulk and schedule your supplies to exceed one year. That’s since CBD oil’s shelf life is nearly 1 year. Nevertheless, if you frequently use CBD oil and repurchase it on a monthly basis, refrigerating your CBD oil makes slight sense. Your bottle will last sufficiently long if you store it in a dry and cool place.

If you refrigerate CBD oil, it might condense in the bottle, making dosing more difficult – particularly if you utilize high-strength CBD oils that include fractions of botanical compounds such as chlorophyll and waxes.

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How To Understand If The CBD Oil Is Yet Safe To Use

Every CBD oil bottle arrives with an expiration date to offer people an idea of whether or not it has already crossed its prime. But instances happen when labels come off or you just can’t read the specifications. In these cases or senses can assist.

To comprehend if or not the CBD oil is safe to employ, pay heed to its color. The oil’s effectiveness decreases as the oil’s color become darker. So, the moment you observe color modifications, consume the oil immediately.

Further, mark the smell of the oil. If it smells odd and funky, the oil might have become bad. Fresh CBD oil smells good and earthy. Unless the oil is synthetically flavored, it should taste nutty or earthy. If it tastes unpalatable and rancid, then it must have expired.

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Will You Get Sick By Consuming An Expired CBD Oil

If you think that you have consumed an expired CBD oil, then take it easy. You won’t fall sick. In fact, it may not even cause fatalities. With time, the cannabinoids existing in the oil will degenerate and lose efficiency. This just means that if you ignorantly ingested an expired CBD oil, you just won’t enjoy its complete health and therapeutic benefits.

How To Store CBD Oil

These are the 4 factors that directly affect how long your CBD oil products will remain good.


Too much exposure to heat isn’t favorable for your CBD oil. If possible, store your CBD in a spot that is nearly room temperature. CBD oil is usually prepared by heating a carrier oil to approximately 700 C and combining it with cannabinoid extracts. If the oil is subjected to elevated levels of heat, it can emerge out of suspension. This just means the carrier oil has detached from the CBD extract, making it cloudy.

This doesn’t impact the product’s quality, though it does render it tougher to correctly dose your CBD oil with a dropper. A few safe places for storing CBD are cupboards, dark pantries, drawers, and closets. The temperatures in these locations usually stay cool. Remove the bottle from the vicinity of things like heating vents, your oven, and your stove. This is because heat can react with the minerals within the oil, altering the molecular composition of the solution.


It is a completely different thing to avoid air exposure as air is all-pervading. Though most CBD oils arrive in airtight bottles, a specific degree of air exposure cannot be prevented. Ultimately, you are required to open the bottle to utilize the product. Though with the entry of more air into the bottle, the CBD oil starts to decline over time. Exposure to oxygen causes oxidative stress. For the same reason, you cannot consume leftovers that have been lying in your refrigerator for 3 months.


Refrain from keeping your CBD oil in areas exposed to direct sunlight, like countertops, windowsills, and high shelves. It’s also an excellent idea to stay away from storing your CBD in locations with artificial sources of heat, like shelves with continuous lighting. Research demonstrates that exposure to light is the most substantial contributor to cannabinoid decline. This is also the cause why CBD is usually sold in amber glass bottles, which offer superb UV protection and lower the risk of oil light exposure. While shopping for CBD oil, it’s a nice idea to verify if it arrives in a bottle labeled “UV protection,” “amber,” or “sun protection.”


If you stock your CBD oil correctly, you can hope for it to attain a shelf life of nearly 2 years. This time factor, certainly, cannot be escaped. Nonetheless, the shelf life of your CBD can be increased if you observe the CBD storage tips. Besides proper storage, the absolute life span of a CBD product will rest on the production process and ingredients involved. Ethanol extraction produces CBD with a brief lifespan.

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How To Get The Best CBD Oil Products

Hemp Depot is amongst the biggest suppliers of the best-quality hemp CBD oil products, clones, and seeds within the U.S., guaranteed through third-party examination. As a result of Hemp Depot’s promise of strength and purity, their customer and wholesale users get the finest full-spectrum and THC-free cannabidiol products on the market, all reared, processed, and formulated wholly in their Colorado facilities.

Hemp Depot allows you to explore several CBD tinctures in one location. Its range of CBD tinctures comprises Cibadol ZERO – THC FREE CBD Tinctures, Cibadol ZERO – Broad Spectrum Vanilla Tincture (900 mg), and Cibadol – Full-Spectrum CBD Tinctures (300 mg), among others.

Can You Freeze CBD Oil?
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Final Thoughts On Can You Freeze CBD Oil?

It is not required to refrigerate CBD oil, though placing it in the fridge is a superb way to extend its shelf life when you purchase CBD in bulk. Moreover, it should be noted that there will be marked alterations to the oil if you refrigerate it or hoard it in the freezer. It might get thicker and more hard to use. Though a cold CBD oil shouldn’t be a big problem as you can always rest it at room temperature, allow it to warm up by itself, and it should be prepared for use. For correct storage instructions, read the suggestions on the product’s label.

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