CBD Extraction: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Over the last few years, all we’ve heard is about CBD and the many benefits it provides. Plenty of people around the world trust CBD and are using it for their minds and body. Today, let’s talk about how CBD is extracted.

When prioritizing the best CBD products, it’s important that each step in the process is done carefully and accurately. You can grow high-quality cannabis that is high in cannabidiol (CBD), but without proper extraction techniques, everything is lost. This raises the question: which method is best? In this article, we will discuss everything you must know about various CBD extraction methods. But before that, let us understand what CBD is, and how it is synthesized.


What Is CBD?



CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the more than 100 cannabinoids found in the cannabis family of plants. The best known of these cannabinoids is tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, which usually induces the “high” effect associated with the use of recreational cannabis. Studies, on the other hand,  have consistently shown that CBD doesn’t make you intoxicated.

We now know that when CBD is introduced into your body, it interacts with your existing endogenous cannabinoid system. Understanding that the human body is already producing cannabinoids that are very similar in structure and function to CBD is the first step in understanding why CBD oil is so popular.

Cannabidiol is actually synthesized in the trichomes of female cannabis plants, along with other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. The need to create CBD oil that retains CBD and other cannabinoids while removing  THC is one of the reasons why extraction technology is so important.


Why Is CBD Extracted?

Extraction is required to produce a usable CBD product. When CBD is extracted from hemp and cannabis plants, it is in the form of concentrations that are effective for human consumption. This concentrated extract is only useful for the decarboxylation process (heat application). When ingesting cannabinoids via capsules, edible, or oil,  decarboxylation is required for our body to absorb the active ingredient. On the other hand, dried cannabis and hemp can be partially decarboxylated, and smoking (also known as heating) completely decarboxylates cannabinoids.


How Is CBD Extracted?

When we extract the best CBD, the ultimate goal is to be able to harvest it in concentrated form and blend it locally with CDD e-liquid, CBD oil, and CBD. For this reason, we use a hemp strain called Cannabis sativa L., which is known for its high CBD content.

As mentioned earlier, CBD is actually one component of a vast cannabis compound, so extraction is not as easy as it seems at first. However, all of these techniques were first developed for other purposes, such as extracting essential oils from flowers.

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Types Of Cannabis Extraction

There are many types of extracting CBD. Some of them include: 

CO2 Extraction Of Cannabidiol

The most expensive and popular CBD extraction method (especially among manufacturers offering premium products) uses CO2. This is to provide a clean and accurate extraction that greatly reduces the potential for contamination by other methods. The use of CO2 extraction goes far beyond hemp products. CO2 extraction is used for decaffeination of coffee beans, extraction of nicotine from loose tobacco, and accurate extraction of spices and flavors.

CO2 extraction can be divided into supercritical and subcritical categories (there is also a “medium critical”, which is the midpoint between the two), but supercritical is the most common and is used in all CBD products in Vitality CBD. I am. Below, we will analyze the differences between them.

The two common methodologies are basically to pass pressurized carbon dioxide through hemp plants to remove the phytochemicals of interest (literally: phytochemicals). Under certain conditions, CO2 actually acts like a solvent without potential side effects.

Benefits of CO2 extraction:

  • CO2 itself is extremely safe and is used as an additive in a variety of popular foods and beverages. For example, carbonated soft drinks are made possible by CO2.
  • The CO2 extraction method is so effective that it has been used by many trusted food companies for many years. In addition to producing essential oils, coffee companies use CO2 as a solvent to remove caffeine from coffee.
  • The process of CO2 extraction guarantees purity. That’s why it’s so important for CBD products. In particular, the cannabinoids produced by this method retain their potency without being contaminated with chlorophyll or other toxic substances. For those who want to buy the purest CBD products possible, CO2 extraction is the way to go. (Only a few steps  from  complete separation, which means that all other compounds are completely eliminated.)


Cons of using CO2 extraction:

  • The equipment is extremely costly and even a starter kit can cost upto $40,000. Due to the cost, it may not be possible for everyone.
  • Even if you have the equipment you need for CO2 extraction, it requires a lot of specific knowledge for it to operate properly and safely. Even hobby chemists should not try to use CO2 equipment without professional training.
  • CBD products manufactured using this method are more expensive than products manufactured using other technologies, as CO2 extractors are expensive and the knowledge required to operate them is a barrier to entry. It tends to be expensive.


Supercritical CBD Extraction

Starting with liquid CO2, the supercritical process raises the temperature and pressure of  CO2 to “supercritical”. This means that  CO2 has both gaseous and liquid properties. It can fill a container like a gas, but at the same time has a liquid density.

When supercritical, CO2 is a solvent when applied to hemp plants without denaturing the compound. The need to maintain proper pressure and temperature explains why expensive equipment is used for CO2 extraction and results in the best CBD.

After supercritical CO2 has passed through the hemp extract, the resulting solution is sent to a separator (as you can imagine) and separated.  CO2 is stored for reuse and the hemp compound of interest is removed to proceed to the next step in the process.


Subcritical CBD Extraction 

The direct difference from subcritical hemp extraction is the low temperature and pressure. As a result, the process is slower but less likely to denature more sensitive compounds such as terpenes.

Although yields are lower than supercritical oils, it can also extract light oils and other sensitive compounds that can be decomposed in the process. However, the disadvantage is that it usually leaves behind a heavier, more resinous material.


  • You can extract more cannabinoids even though the process is complex.
  • You can pull terpenes from raw material, which can then be used in vape pen products.
  • CO2 is non-toxic as well as non-flammable.



  • 6-10 CO2 extractors are needed for output as a single ethanol extractor.
  • CO2 gas leads to an increase in greenhouse emissions.
  • Equipment and operating costs are high.


Solvent CBD extraction

Probably the cheapest and easiest of all available methods (easy to do at home without purchasing special equipment … not recommended), solvent extraction is also a general problem The final product that is most likely to cause.

In the solvent extraction method, the desired solvent (usually butane or ethanol) is added to the cannabis plant material. This strips the cannabinoids into a liquid that then vaporizes, leaving a concentrated oily residue with hemp compounds inside.

The main problem is that the solvent not only removes cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids but also inadvertently extracts chlorophyll. This sometimes causes unwanted side effects and makes the taste significantly more bitter.

Similarly, the solvent-removed compounds can be denatured during the extraction process or simply completely degraded. This is the cheapest and easiest way to do it on a large scale, but there is a reason why many companies are phasing out. When you buy CBD from us, you can rest assured that it isn’t treated that way.


  • It is cheap to do because many solvents are readily available. Other necessary materials, such as containers, are often on hand or readily available in regular stores.
  • High-speed, mass production is possible in a relatively short time. Especially suitable for distillates.
  • One of the simplest, if not the simplest, of all extraction methods.
  • Complete extraction as a solvent generally targets all different trichomes, as well as other plant components.



  • Most solvents are highly flammable and are therefore one of the most dangerous extraction methods.
  • Harmful for planting tissue. Many solvents (ethanol, alcohol, butane, and propane) destroy cannabinoids and chlorophyll that have passed through the biomass. For this reason, isolating specific cannabinoids like other extraction methods is not an optional process.
  • Often requires additional processing to make the product usable.


CBD Extraction From Olive Oil

Olive oil extraction is most commonly done by homebrewing enthusiasts who want to make their own CBD oil. Almost any oil can be used in this process, but olive oil is preferred because of its masking flavor and versatility.

The first step is that hemp is very finely ground or is decarboxylated, a complicated word that is the meaning herein: it heats at a  temperature. Through this process, some cannabinoids convert their chemical makeup, which is more effective, and others facilitate extraction.

After the first heating, they heat the hemp in olive oil to extract the compound of the oil. This is ideal for household users, but this brings low returns and mass scales, which lead to non-practical highly rotten products.


  • This is a safe extraction method as it can be performed on almost any heat source.
  • The only cost is cannabis and olive oil, so it’s cheap.
  • One of the easiest ways to extract cannabinoids.



  • The finished product is perishable and cannot be stored for a long time until it is consumed.
  • Store in a dark and cool place until use.
  • Olive oil extraction does not produce high levels of cannabinoids, so you need to consume more products to get the desired effect.
  •  It is not a smokeable extract.


Dry Ice CBD Extraction

The name suggests high-tech science experiments, but this is another way that can be done at home (assuming that the dry ice can be accessed). It also benefits from no deformed solvent, which results in the final product of the cleaner and cleaner. This process contains relaxed hemp extract flash beans, which contain Tricom frozen through mesh bags. This can then be used as a basis for your Cannavidiol oil-it is really easy.

This is a relatively random way, so the quality is not always guaranteed, depending on how well the hemp is frozen. However, if you can get secure access to the dry cell, this is a clean alternative to the solvent to create your own CBD oil.


  • It’s fast if not the fastest way to create a hash.
  • Easy to execute.
  • Extensive training is not required.
  • The product does not need to be dried, so it is ready as soon as it is shaken out of the container.



  • Dry ice is extremely cold and may cause burns if it comes in contact with bare skin.
  • It turns into gas once exposed, so you need to use it quickly.
  • Scalability.


Which CBD Extraction Method Is Best For You?



We recommend one of the above two CO2 extraction methods, depending on the compound that prioritizes the extraction. Of course, there are other uses, but CO2 is a great panacea.

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Benefits Of CBD



How is CBD beneficial to the human body?  

The human body is composed of the endocannabinoid system and the central nervous system throughout the brain. This system has a number of endogenous cannabinoid receptors that work in conjunction with the cannabinoids that are naturally produced by the body and affect different aspects of the body as a whole. Several studies have shown that external consumption of cannabinoids may also help increase the efficiency of endogenous cannabinoid receptors. This is where CBD comes in. CBD has many medicinal properties that can stimulate the flow of endogenous cannabinoid receptors.

Stress Relief

One of the most important characteristics of CBD is that it helps reduce stress and anxiety. Stress is something we deal with on a regular basis and can have a variety of long-term consequences if left untreated. Many doctors and mental health professionals suggest taking a few drops of CBD oil daily to better manage stress and anxiety.


Another great property of CBD is its anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. Excess oil and dirt on the skin can cause acne and dermatitis. CBD helps hydrate the body and makes it easier to manage skin problems with products such as CBD face masks and moisturizers.

Better Sleep

CBD is prescribed by doctors for people dealing with sleep disorders such as insomnia and uninterrupted sleep.  CBD can also help reduce stress and anxiety, so take a few drops of CBD in the form of tea just before bedtime to get a good night’s sleep and wake up in a fresher mood than ever before!


Buying CBD For Extraction

Many brands deal in CBD products online, but HempDepotCo provides you with the best CBD products at competitive prices. Their products are kosher, non-GMO certified, and manufactured in their FDA facility.

Let’s discuss a few of their CBD products for extraction: 

CBD Tinctures

These are available for both humans and pets. CBD is perfectly safe for consumption for both of them. Cibadol ZERO – Broad-Spectrum Vanilla Tincture (1800mg) can be taken during the day or night, as per your preferences. Get your daily dose of CBD with a hint of vanilla! All you need to do is put around 20 drops under your tongue and hold them till you absorb them. The ingredients include Broad-Spectrum Hemp Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Sunflower Lecithin, and Vanilla Bean Paste.

Cibadol ZERO – Broad-Spectrum CBD Softgels (900mg) is an amazing product and super easy to use. This is a great way to consume CBD on the go. The products are independent, third-party tested, and organic. The pills are tasteless and can be easily swallowed. It included broad-spectrum hemp oil, gelatin, and Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT Medium Chain Triglycerides).

CBD gummies are available in different flavors and purposes. Cibadol ZERO – Broad Spectrum Sleep Gummies with Melatonin (1050mg) help you to have a wonderful and restful sleep. It gives you the deep sleep you have been looking for. You can purchase it one time or subscribe to their products to get the best deals. You can take one or two gummies every day as per your preferences and objectives. You can store them at a convenient place and even carry them with you whenever you go out. The ingredients include honey, sugar, CBN isolate, broad-spectrum CBD isolate, water, melatonin, sunflower oil, and so on.

You can check the complete list of ingredients on the website. All products are third-party tested and certified to prove their efficacy and quality. It’s high time you add CBD to your wellness routine and see the differences for yourself! We hope this article has helped you understand everything about CBD extraction. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them below.

Thank you for reading and stick around to read more blogs on CBD.

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