Can CBD Help Dogs With Separation Anxiety

The usage of CBD for medical purposes has skyrocketed in recent years. CBD roll-ons, CBD skincare products, CBD tinctures, and CBD Softgel pills are some of the many CBD products that you can find on the market. CBD can also be utilized for a range of health conditions in dogs, which many people are unaware of. CBD’s medical application in animals has grown in popularity over time and has been the subject of much investigation. In this post, we’ll delve deeper into CBD for dogs experiencing separation anxiety. We’ll also suggest a few brands that have had a lot of success! Continue reading:


CBD: A Quick Overview



Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a member of the cannabinoid family, which is a collection of chemical compounds found naturally in marijuana and hemp plants. Cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system in the human body, which helps to maintain homeostasis. CBD, unlike tetrahydrocannabinol, does not cause a “high” and is non-psychoactive (THC). It plays an important role in the treatment of a variety of medical conditions. CBD can be used to treat a variety of ailments, including insomnia, depression, anxiety, chronic and acute pain, and cancer and arthritis, according to research.

Our dogs play an important role in our lives, and many people consider them family members. Pets, particularly dogs, not only provide us with company but also assist us in reducing stress and overcoming loneliness. Dogs are sometimes referred to as “Man’s Best Friend” because of their loyalty. Animals, unlike humans, are unable to express their frustrations and issues in the same way that people do. As the only companions who can give them sufficient medical care and shelter, we are responsible for their health and well-being.


Separation Anxiety In Dogs

Separation Anxiety is one of the most frequent behavioral disorders in dogs, affecting 20-40% of dogs seen by veterinarians. When dogs are separated from their guardians, they experience a state of mental suffering known as separation anxiety. In the absence of their human friends, dogs with separation anxiety may exhibit restlessness or worrying behavior. While there is no known reason for this illness, it is considerably more common in dogs who have been adopted from shelters or in dogs who have lost a family member. Separation anxiety can be exacerbated by changing families and residences.

The following are some of the most common signs and symptoms: 

  1. In the absence of guardians, urinating and defecating
  2. Constant barking, howling, or whining
  3. Pacing
  4. Shaking
  5. Chewing
  6. Digging up the house and causing harm to the belongings

Separation anxiety can be harmful to a dog’s health, causing them to become excessively agitated and destructive.

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CBD For Dogs



As previously said, CBD has a variety of medical applications and benefits for humans, and it can also be beneficial to dogs. CBD’s relaxing qualities and increased serotonin levels, according to a study, can assist animals to reduce anxiety and controlling stress. It’s an important quality since it acts as a direct counter to separation anxiety. Another study found that it can aid dogs with osteoarthritis by reducing pain, providing comfort, and increasing movement without causing any negative side effects. It can make a big difference in keeping senior dogs’ bones and joints healthy, especially if they have arthritis.

CBD’s anti-inflammatory qualities have been shown to be effective in treating physiological disorders, as well as enhancing fur texture and skin health. Because CBD use in animals is still new, its benefits and applications are still being explored. However, the evidence so far has been positive, and different veterinary specialists have backed it up.

Additional steps you can take, here are some suggestions: 

  1. Long walks and hikes with your dog
  2. Keeping a stress-free environment, as dogs are excellent at detecting moods.
  3. Initially stimulating short excursions, then gradually extending time intervals
  4. Using treats to create positive associations with enclosed environments


Buying CBD For Dogs



You can get products for your pets from HempDepotCo. They provide you with the best CBD products at competitive prices. Check out their website to get a complete list of ingredients. They also conduct independent third-party testing to establish credibility and authenticity. Some products you can try for your pet include CBD gel capsules and CBD tinctures.

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Final Thoughts On CBD For Dogs

Our canines are tremendously devoted to us and never disappoint us. It’s only right that we reciprocate and provide them with the attention they deserve. CBD products have proven to be effective in treating pets and improving their health. It’s past time for you to do the same for your dog!

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