Does CBD Help With Pain

CBD is found in the cannabis plant and does not give you the feeling of being ‘high’, which is typically associated with cannabis. CBD is used worldwide for its plethora of benefits namely sleep, pain, inflammation, anxiety, and many more.

CBD may be a viable alternative for patients who suffer from chronic pain and rely on drugs like opioids, which can be addictive and have several adverse effects. Continue reading to learn more about CBD’s possible pain-relieving properties. You can also discuss it with your doctor to determine if it’s a viable choice for you.

Does CBD Help With Pain?

The endocannabinoid system is a cell-signaling system found in everyone (ECS). CBD, according to some researchers, interacts with endocannabinoid receptors in the brain and immune system, which are a key component of the ECS.

Receptors are little proteins found on the surface of your cells. They receive chemical messages from various stimuli and assist your cells in responding. This reaction has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, which aid in pain management. This suggests that CBD oil and other CBD-based treatments may help those who suffer from chronic pain, such as chronic back pain.



A 2018 study looked at how effective CBD is in treating chronic pain. The review looked at trials that took place between 1975 and March of this year. Various types of pain were investigated in this research, including fibromyalgia, neuropathic pain, and cancer pain

Researchers determined that CBD was effective in overall pain treatment and had no harmful side effects based on these investigations.

CBD for Arthritis

According to a 2016 study, the usage of CBD was tested in rats with arthritis. CBD was used on rats for a few days. The damaged joints of rats showed less inflammation and pain, according to the researchers. There were no noticeable negative consequences.



Furthermore, animals receiving 62.3 mg/day showed similar results to rats receiving 6.2 mg/day. They did not experience less pain after receiving a significantly higher amount. CBD gel’s anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties could aid those with arthritis. More human research, on the other hand, is required.

CBD Oil For Cancer

CBD is also used by some cancer patients. CBD has been demonstrated in studies on mice to help reduce malignant tumors. The majority of human studies, on the other hand, have looked into the effect of CBD in managing pain associated with cancer and cancer therapy.

Cannabidiol (CBD) has been suggested by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) as a feasible solution for minimizing chemotherapy adverse effects such as discomfort, vomiting, and a loss of appetite.

CBD for Migraine

There are few studies on CBD and migraines. CBD is also studied when it is combined with THC, rather than when it is used alone, according to the present research. CBD and THC can reduce the intensity of pain in migraine sufferers.



Some participants in this two-phase trial were given a mixture of two drugs. One of the compounds had 9% CBD and almost negligible THC. THC was present in the other molecule in a concentration of 19%. Oral dosing was used. When the doses were less than 100 mg, there was no effect on pain in phase I. Acute discomfort was reduced by 55% when the doses were increased to 200 mg.

In phase II, participants who received a mixture of CBD and THC chemicals experienced a 40.4 percent reduction in migraine attacks. The dosage was 200 milligrams per day. The combination of chemicals was somewhat more effective than 25 mg of tricyclic antidepressant amitriptyline. In the trial, amitriptyline reduced migraine attacks by 40.1 percent. Cluster headaches were also relieved by the combination of CBD and THC chemicals, but only if the participants had a history of migraine as a child.

CBD Products For Pain

CBD has grown in popularity dramatically during the previous decade. As a result, several companies have invested in developing CBD products for a variety of applications. While numerous companies now deliver CBD to your house, not all of them provide the highest-quality goods. That is why we have chosen a reputable brand for you.

HempDepotCo is one of the most effective CBD brands on the market today. To appeal to a wide range of customers, they provide goods from several well-known CBD firms. HempDepotCo offers different products namely edibles, topicals, and vapes. Look out for the following products to use CBD for pain management: CBD tincture, CBD muscle gel roll-on, CBD sleep tablet. 

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