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A lot of us have undergone stress and trauma in various ways. These can emanate from many situations – accidents, abuse, traumatic loss, disasters, or conflicts. It can overcome and affect your ability to cope. Response to trauma can involve disastrous consequences.

If you are feeling distressed, isolated, or disconnected after witnessing or experiencing a life-threatening event, you may have PTSD. Current methods of treatment are often ineffective and some have undesired side effects. Recently, studies have affirmed the capacity of cannabidiol (CBD), a part of Cannabis sativa to be highly beneficial in easing PTSD symptoms.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – An Overview

Sale CBD for PTSD

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, also termed PTSD, is a grave mental health condition that patients frequently undergo after witnessing high stress, traumatic, or fearful life event. These events can comprise anything from military combat to a car accident, and it’s assessed that nearly 10% of Americans will undergo PTSE at some junction in their lives. The condition may be chronic or short-lived based on the individual patient and the duration and severity of the traumatic experience or stress involved.

Numerous patients with PTSD mention trouble sleeping struggles with depression and anxiety, and recurring thoughts that replay the traumatic incident many times over in a loop. Actually, PTSD can be a disabling mental health condition that can cause chronic challenges such as defeating emotions, repeated nightmares, detachment from others, panic attacks, hypervigilance, and also self-destructive behavior. In extremely worst cases, serious PTSD symptoms have caused some sufferers to die through suicide.

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Ways CBD Oil Aids PTSD Symptoms

Let’s examine closely the multiple ways CBD oil help PTSD by managing symptoms connected with PTSD.

Promote Improved Sleep

PTSD patients cope with an extensive range of issues that lead to insomnia. CBD oil is a common therapeutic treatment for multiple sleep issues, including insomnia. Numerous PTSD patients have mentioned that they got to fall asleep easier and remain asleep longer when employing CBD for PTSD.

The research upholds this idea, also. For instance, one study discovered that, in comparison to a placebo, a CBD dosage of 160 milligrams was displayed to raise participants’ sleep duration.

One cause for cannabis to aid battle insomnia and offer improved sleep is that its interaction with the endocannabinoid system can assist regulate the body’s cortisol levels. Cortisol, popularly called the stress hormone, is frequently elevated at night for patients afflicted with insomnia and may be responsible for the patient’s inability to ease and fall asleep. Though in one study, patients administered 300 to 600 mg of CBD showed reduced cortisol levels, suggesting that CBD may aid control cortisol production.

A few PTSD patients may also undergo headaches, which prevents them from falling asleep or remaining asleep. There is also positive initial evidence that CBD for headaches can be a successful PTSD therapy that can improve sleep.

Though further research is required, there is some initial evidence, together with anecdotal testimony, indicating that CBD could be a successful remedy for insomnia that frequently troubles those afflicted with PTSD.

Reduce Anxiety

A major symptom of PTSD is anxiety, which initial studies display may be controlled by employing CBD oil. A recent study conducted by researchers at Wayne State University, Detroit, tested how cannabis use might induce the fear reaction of patients coping with trauma-based anxiety disorder, like the kind of anxiety connected with PTSD. While early research has suggested that cannabis has the capacity to aid lower anxiety, until this specific study, no research has particularly examined the fear/anxiety response of adult patients coping with trauma – which ideally defines those who cope with PTSD.

A 2011 study analyzing the effects of CBD therapy for anxiety also mentions that one dose of 600 milligrams of CBD decreased anxiety. And additional evidence suggests that treatment with CBD lowers anxiety most successfully in patients afflicted with trauma or stress before their CBD therapy. This implies that therapeutic treatment with CBD is perfect for patients who feel anxiety arising from earlier situations and experiences.

Another study has displayed that CBD was most successful when aiding people to manage instant traumatic events. Implying, that if CBD is utilized fast following a traumatic incident, it has the power to substantially reduce adverse effects. If and when further research goes on to support this theory, it could imply significant breakthroughs for the first responders, military, and others who are directly in the way of trauma while performing their life’s work.

Relieve Depression Symptoms

Though research on how CBD may treat symptoms of depression is initial and restricted, the initial results appear promising. For instance, one initial study into CBD as a therapy for depression suggests that CBD may interact positively with serotonin receptors within the brain. Since serotonin aids control the emotional state of the brain and feelings of happiness or well-being, maintaining its concentration in proper and healthy balance can be a major therapy for people afflicted with depression. And though it doesn’t appear as though CBD enhances serotonin levels, cannabinoids may affect how the brain’s cannabinoid receptors react to the serotonin that’s pre-existing in someone’s system.

A 2014 study performed with animals displayed that CBD’s impact on the chemical receptors of the brain created both anti-anxiety and antidepressant effects, whereas a 2018 review of available research determined that CBD displays anti-stress effects in participants of the study, which may aid in lower stress-based symptoms of depression.

It’s essential to bear in mind that the majority of the research concerning CBD’s capacity to relieve depression symptoms has been conducted specifically with animals, so CBD’s capacity to relieve those symptoms for humans remains to be exhaustively researched.

Another major advantage of CBD for depression is its capacity to stimulate the plasticity of the hippocampus. The hippocampus comprises the brain’s region concerning memory, cognitive performance, emotional processing, and mood stability. People having a shrunken hippocampus may undergo more regular flashbacks, low mood, learning difficulty, and suicidal thoughts. Studies have displayed that an extended CBD treatment may improve the plasticity of the hippocampus, causing a decrease in the symptoms mentioned.

Lessen Traumatic Memories

A 2016 study found proof that drugs engaging with the body’s endocannabinoid system may aid decrease PTSD symptom intensity following memory extinction or extended exposure therapy.

In this kind of therapy, a PTSD patient faces similar situations to those connected with the start of PTSD, without activating stimuli and under the close scrutiny of a professional therapist. CBD’s effectiveness in this instance is hugely ascribed to the fact that the endocannabinoid system, which comprises CBD receptors, affects both memory and anxiety, two factors that perform a big role in symptoms of PTSD.

Moreover, there’s some proof to display that numerous patients who develop PTSD have a damaged endocannabinoid system, so the impact of medicinal cannabis on the endocannabinoid system may aid integrate a healthy equilibrium within the system, aiding PTSD sufferers more wholesomely substituting traumatic memory linkages with neutral or positive ones.

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Can THC Aid Treat PTSD


If you want to know does thc helps with PTSD, the answer is yes, THC can aid treat PTSD symptoms. Anandamide comprises an internal cannabinoid (endocannabinoid) that aids send signals across the brain and body. It’s also called the bliss molecule. Anandamide impacts regions of the brain that affect concentration, pleasure, memory, coordination, and more.

THC has the same chemical structure as Anandamide and can aid create the same chemical results as Anandamide. By working on the cannabinoid receptors and controlling memory retrieval and memory, THC can reduce anxiety, elevate relaxation, improve sleep and most vitally reduce emotional and physical response to flashback memories.

CBD Dosage For PTSD

The FDA has not endorsed a CBD product as a therapy for patients with post-traumatic stress disorder. So, CBD users do not possess official guidelines to understand the proper CBD dosage for PTSD.

People may also stand to gain by viewing past clinical trials. These studies may offer them indications of the proper dosing range for PTSD and different anxiety-based conditions. A review posted in 2020 disclosed that 400 mg of oral CBD considerably lowered the main symptom of patients having social anxiety.

The same report evaluated another trial wherein participants were administered a 600 mg oral dose of CBD and discovered that it lowered cognitive impairment and anxiety considerably. Further,  a study observed that chronic use and elevated doses of CBD oil, attaining up to 1,500 mg daily, are well-tolerated by humans.

The subjects did not report any psychomotor slowing, vital sign abnormalities, or adverse mood effects.

How To Take CBD For PTSD

Maybe the most direct way to take CBD for PTSD is to consume the compound as edibles or in capsule mode.

The most recognized edibles for PTSD are CBD gummies. These products are superb for both starters and seasoned users since they are comparatively simple to apply. CBD in the form of drops or tinctures permits people to apply CBD sublingually. This type of use is where liquid droplets of the compound are put under the tongue.

A few CBD brands sell topicals, such as balms, lotions, creams, and salves, which may help people having PTSD. These CBD products can be employed in massage treatments to aid users in ease and relieve the physical stress in their bodies. Moreover, a few individuals may wish to inhale CBD by utilizing compatible vaping products. Nevertheless, this CBD delivery format is not advised for persons with lung ailments, since it may worsen their conditions.

Find The Best CBD For PTSD


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Hemp Depot’s lineup of CBD products consists of Softgels/tablets, topicals, tinctures, drinks, and gummies to help with your PTSD.

Conclusion On CBD For PTSD

PTSD constitutes a lingering mental health condition that people may acquire after witnessing a tragic instance, or anything that can lead to trauma. While there are multiple conventional treatments existing, like pharmacological medication and counseling, evidence indicates that CBD may also aid relieve this condition.

CBD may be able to lower depression, stress, and anxiety. The interaction between the endocannabinoid system and CBD also creates other useful effects, like improved sleep patterns, improved focus, resistance to traumatic memories, emotional stability, and more.

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