How Do I Find A CBD Manufacturer?

CBD manufacturer

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Cannabidiol (CBD) entered the mainstream with the passage of the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018. From edibles to oils and tinctures, hemp-derived CBD products have become widespread. Today, CBD products with low THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) are available over the counter and online. With research backing the health benefits of CBD, these products are well on their way to becoming a market of their own. They have also created new niches by allowing businesses to incorporate CBD into almost anything. Though starting a CBD-based business or carrying CBD products at your current shop is lucrative, you must overcome a few hurdles. Finding a reliable CBD manufacturer could be one of those challenges.

You may come across hundreds of CBD companies readily available to assist you, but which supplier to purchase raw materials from? Do you have to take a chance on a CBD business and spend substantial money on a product or ingredient? You could place your order with the first company you find, but if you don’t research, you are more likely to face some problems. Go through this post to know how to reach out to a trustworthy CBD supplier. But first, learn about the prevailing CBD market.

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Understanding The CBD Market

CBD manufacturer
Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

According to a report overview, the size of the global CBD market was worth USD 5.18 billion in 2021. From 2022 to 2030, it could expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.8 percent. By 2024, the CBD industry may generate $20 billion in sales. These figures indicate that the CBD sector is a fast-growing segment in the cannabis industry. The anticipated CBD boom has prompted many enthusiastic people to explore how they can kick-start a CBD business. Though potential and opportunity are significant, the industry is not without its challenges.

Legality Issues

Associated with hemp and marijuana plants, CBD and THC are not a new phenomenon. There are references to the usage of these cannabis-derived substances in ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic medical texts. They came into use for medicinal, recreational, spiritual, and commercial reasons. However, demand for cannabis started declining due to technological advancements and its psychoactive aspect. It eventually ceased when the Marijuana Tax Act banned hemp cultivation in 1937 due to the presence of THC. However, the 2018 Farm Bill legalized industrial hemp by eliminating it from the list of prohibited substances. The bill distinguishes industrial hemp from marijuana while also allowing for research. The bill authorized CBD hemp extracts containing no more than 0.3 percent THC by dry weight.

Unregulated Market

There is still a lot of confusion about how the FDA and other government agencies regulate CBD and hemp products. Note that the agency does not approve CBD products other than Epidiolex for treating seizures. Although hemp was made federally legal by the 2018 Farm Bill, the FDA is still determining how to govern this emerging industry best. Despite this, many CBD companies are neglecting FDA guidance irresponsibly and creating misleading advertisements to increase sales. FDA warns companies
illegally selling CBD products from time to time. Their warning letters raise concerns regarding public health perception due to the administration route, including nasal, ocular, and inhalation. They also address violations involving the addition of CBD to food and the illegal marketing of CBD products as dietary supplements.

False claims

The CBD market is price-driven in many ways, and you may see the exact product sold by different brands at wildly different prices. Because of the wide price range, most first-time CBD buyers cannot determine an appropriate price for CBD products. As a result, many end up overspending on a product that may not be as good as it claims to be.

Similarly, every CBD company claims to have high-quality products, but what does that mean? What does high quality entail? The truth is that many CBD companies cannot verify the quality of their products because they do not invest sufficient time and resources in locating the right farmers, suppliers, and laboratories to test the quality and safety of their products. How are you supposed to evaluate the quality of their products if they don’t? How can you be sure that what you’re purchasing is safe indeed?

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How To Reach A Dependable CBD Manufacturer?

CBD Manufacturer
CBD Manufacturer

Since CBD is highly sought-after and retailers are reaping the benefits, dealing with hemp-derived CBD is an appealing option. But do you have reliable suppliers?
Don’t anticipate having an easy time selling it if you aren’t confident that the source produces high-quality and uncontaminated CBD from hemp. Quality vendors will buy their hemp inputs from growers who strictly follow the cultivation standards for hemp. When seeking CBD product opportunities, keep the following in mind:

Third-party Lab Testing Results

Before placing your order, get documentation from the vendor demonstrating that their products are safe for human use. Hemp plants frequently have a microbial infestation, and human toxicity and undesirable pharmacologic consequences may result from contaminated items. CBD testing by an accredited, independent laboratory can help verify the dependability and potency of a product. So, go for a manufacturer that provides a certificate of analysis (COA), a document with details about the testing lab.

Free Samples

Don’t promote or sell CBD products that you wouldn’t necessarily buy for yourself. If you know how effectively the product works, you may purchase and resale them confidently. Keep a record of the product’s appearance, flavor, and aroma. Also, note how you felt after using it, any adverse effects you experienced, how it gets packaged and marketed, etc. To assess whether a product is suitable for consumption or topical usage, ask a supplier for some free samples. This way, you can also determine the quality of the product they are selling.

Testing Against Other CBD Products

Comparative testing with different CBD products is necessary. To accurately understand which brands are worth purchasing from, compare products during the testing phase. To make the most precise judgment on its potential:

  • Ensure the products have the same amount of CBD.
  • Consider the price, ingredients, quality, extraction, and source of the products.
  • Before you conclude, list the pros and cons of each brand.

The online platform offers a great way to compare and review CBD suppliers’ websites.

Visit The Manufacturing Facility

Even though it’s not always a good idea to buy from new suppliers, do your research first. Always consider the volume of sales they have generated, the demographics of their target market, and the feedback received from clients. After narrowing your options down to a few, and testing several hemp-derived CBD products against each other, plan a visit to the manufacturing facility. It will provide an inside look at how that specific brand operates and how carefully they abide by the law.

When choosing a CBD manufacturer, check their website and marketing materials to ensure they are FDA compliant. Service providers cannot make any health claims about CBD or other substances in their products, and companies that do so clearly violate FDA rules. By preventing businesses from making deceptive claims about their products, these restrictions help to protect consumer safety. Specific claims that CBD treats or cures certain conditions are risky for customers, and they may forego medical advice in favor of persuasive advertising from a competitive CBD company.

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Final Thoughts On CBD Manufacturer

CBD is an integral ingredient in many industries, including the beauty and dietary supplement industry. It is high time you step into the CBD business and make the most out of the venture. However, the key to success is to deal with a dependable manufacturer. If CBD was not obtained lawfully from an adequately licensed supplier using legally sourced hemp, you could be purchasing, distributing, and selling an illegal product. It could expose your company, its investors, employees, and customers to several regulatory and legal violations. So, always choose to work with authorized CBD vendors having a proven track record.

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