Does CBD Oil Help With Gout

Millions of Americans are afflicted with gout, a kind of arthritis that leads to extreme pain and inflammation in affected joints. Whereas gout has been regarded as the “Disease of Kings” for centuries (on account of overindulgence in lavish foods that only the affluent have historically managed to afford), it is just not a condition that will make you experience royalty. If you are afflicted with gout and seeking relief, you may be thinking about whether CBD can assist.

CBD has risen in popularity in current years as more people find its wellness and health benefits. Many of its applications have become popular knowledge, like its capacity to fight insomnia, anxiety, and acne. Nevertheless, many benefits of CBD are lesser-recognized likes its ability to remedy gout. Though a lot of the research that is directly associated with the impact of CBD on gout is still in infancy, recent studies have discovered that CBD can be a powerful therapy for joint pain and inflammation which is associated with gout. CBD oil can be a successful means of managing arthritis pain and painful inflammatory conditions, like gout.


What Constitutes Gout



Gout signifies a variety of conditions that result from an accumulation of uric acid. Uric acid results from the bread down of purines (chemicals present in specific foods like seafood, red meat, and beans) in your body. While your body naturally excretes uric acid during urination, cases occur where the body may produce uric acid in excess or may not excrete it sufficiently. Usually, this happens as the kidneys are unable to remove uric acid from your body sufficiently fast.

Gout constitutes a popular form of inflammatory arthritis that happens when the uric acid levels in the blood are high, making urate crystals gather in the joints.


Symptoms Of Gout

The most popular location for uric acid accumulation is your feet. A few persons with excess uric acid don’t display the general symptoms, implying they have asymptomatic gout. Nevertheless, for the majority of people afflicted without, symptoms comprise pain and swelling in your foot joint, especially the big toe. Those who experience gout site abrupt and acute pain termed gout attacks, which can make you feel as if your foot is set ablaze. Other symptoms comprise stiffness of joints including difficulty in shifting affected joints and redness.


Studies On Cannabidiol And Gout

Animal studies indicate that CBD may be a potential treatment for conditions and symptoms associated with gout.

In a published 2015 study, the research team examined transdermal CBD’s effects with a rat arthritis model. They discovered that “ transdermal application of CBD has permanent therapeutic effects minus psychoactive side effects. So, the use of topical CBD has the capacity as a successful treatment for arthritic symptomatology, “as mentioned in the study. Although these results were observed in rats, they are inspiring for gout patients looking for relief from inflammation and pain, as all animals possess a similar endocannabinoid system.

As per a 2018 review, cannabinoids like CBD and THC could possibly heal the pain associated with osteoarthritis, the most popular type of arthritis that makes the bones and cartilage deteriorate. The propounders of the report also observed that the body’s ECS has an essential part in pain signaling from the brain to the joints. This could help patients who witness extreme levels of pain due to gout.

Another 2018 study mentioned positive outcomes from a contingent of patients of medical cannabis. Researchers discovered that cannabis strains rich in myrcene and caryophyllene – among the numerous terpenes in the plant – were effective in treating migraines headaches, and other pain sources, also comprising arthritis.

Likewise, in a 2017 animal study, CBD therapy lowered pain and inflammation in male rats having osteoarthritis. It also seemed to halt further damage to nerves. As no study has yet examined the impact of CBD, particularly on gout, the condition arises from arthritis.


Can CBD Aid With Gout Pain

This 2017 review mentions that the endocannabinoid system performs a role in controlling inflammation and pain. So a cannabinoid such as CBD can engage with the final-cannabinoid system to aid with the inflammation and pain of gout. There has been a single study on the application of CBD to heal the pain in humans: a 2021 randomized regulated trial from Australia.

When you consume CBD, it signals the ECS to generate further endocannabinoids than normal and retards their breakdown: with the circulation of more cannabinoids in the body, the ECS can successfully restore homeostasis, keeping you wholesome. The communication between CBD and the ECS leads to anti-inflammatory effects and modification of pain signals. Besides, CBD carries 65 molecular targets, which accounts for its therapeutic versatility.

Numerous people mention just partial relief of their gout pain from painkillers. Moreover, these drugs have different side effects, like raising the risk of gastric ulcers or gut perforation. Due to these causes, people are adopting CBD oil for gout pain, on account of its cannabinoid content – which possesses pain-alleviating and anti-inflammatory qualities. You can consume CBD oil orally or employ it through topical application for joint pain.

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Pain And Inflammation

Research has displayed that CBD has powerful anti-inflammatory features. To put it differently, CBD is successful at lowering inflammatory chemicals, like TNF and IL-12, within the joints. Moreover, it has even been revealed to regulate the immune system, which causes inflammation.

Inflammation is an important component of pain, particularly in gout. So, it is safe to assume that employing CBD oil for gout pain may be useful.


CBD Oil Dosage For Gout

Discovering the proper amount of CBD oil for gout and CBD for your personal situation can be challenging, as no single-size-fits-all dosage exists for specific conditions. Everybody is different, and so will their response be to separate CBD doses. What acts for one person may not essentially work for you; a few people gain from doses as little as 10-15 mg daily, while for others, the optimal dosage varies between 50-100 mg.

The optimal quantity of CBD for every individual is based on factors like age, weight, gender, diet, physical activity, metabolism, the intensity of pain, and earlier history with CBD products.

The finest approach to dosing CBD oil for gout is to begin low (probably 5-10 mg daily) and slowly raise the dosage till you attain the amount that offers the preferred relief. If you don’t observe any alteration in your symptoms following a week, you may include another 5-10 mg to your dosage and check it out for another week. After you’ve discovered an effective dose, you can adhere to it, since people don’t develop a tolerance to CBD.

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How To Find The Optimal CBD Oil For Gout



Hemp Depot is among the biggest providers of the best quality CBD oil for gout, hemp products, clones, and seeds within the U.S. assured of third-party testing. Their promise of purity and potency enables their wholesale customers and consumer to obtain the finest full-spectrum and free from THC CBD products on the market, all raised, prepared, and processed completely in their Colorado facilities. Vertical integration enables them to offer the most competitive prices regarding their wholesale CBD products.

Hemp Depot’s range of CBD tinctures includes Cibadol ZERO – Broad-Spectrum Mint Tincture (1800mg), Cibadol – Full-Spectrum CBD Tinctures (900mg), and Cibadol ZERO – THC FREE CBD Tinctures (1800mg), to name a few.


Conclusion On CBD Oil For Gout

As a consequence of the many studies which have displayed CBD’s capability in fighting pain, lowering inflammation, and enhancing immunity, CBD has proven its potential to handle gout-associated symptoms. Nevertheless, further gout-specific studies are needed to prove CBD’s efficacy in stopping this condition. It is always vital to discuss with your doctor before going on any treatment schedule to ensure it’s proper for you.

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