How Do CBD Topicals Work?

Today, cannabidiol (CBD) is emerging as a natural alternative to treat several ailments. Whether it is a gastrointestinal, neurological, or psychiatric issue, it treats medical conditions of all kinds. The compound is now available in many forms, including oils, tinctures, edibles, beverages, e-cigarettes, vape juices, and topicals. Amid all, topical products are experiencing a rise in popularity all around. It is creating a buzz because of its benefits and efficacy. It gets absorbed into the skin and tends to provide long-lasting effects. To know everything about CBD topicals, go through this article.

How does CBD topical work?

The interrelation between CBD and the endocannabinoid system of the body is significant. When there is an ECS imbalance in the body, topical CBD application can restore this balance. Absorption of CBD by the skin stimulates an increase in endocannabinoid production. The compound also binds with the CB1 and CB2 receptors to eventually return to homeostasis.

This way, CBD topical works systematically to boost your ECS back into balance. It alleviates pain sensation, reduces inflammation, and addresses various skin disorders. However, topical CBD offers localized relief, processing where you use it. But if you take CBD orally, it enters your bloodstream and works throughout your entire body.

Expert opinion
The neuroprotective, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD are scientifically proven. When you apply CBD topically, these properties become active. It helps reduce chronic pain, inflammation, muscle soreness, itchy sensations, and cold. Extensive research on CBD and ECS systems shows how topicals work. It exhibits that CBD works in conjunction with the ECS system. The compound interacts with cannabinoid receptors in your epidermal and dermal skin. This interaction results in homeostasis, regulating interrelated bodily functions. Other research suggests that it offers a viable route of administration for certain skin disorders.

Benefits of Using CBD Topicals

CBD topical products come in various forms, including lotions, salves, ointments, and creams. Studies show that these products can treat bacterial skin infections, localized pain, and inflammatory skin conditions. Eventually, the therapeutic potential of CBD topicals is evident. Here are the CBD benefits of topical products summed up.

Anti-inflammatory effect

Inflammation in our body may affect bones, muscles, and joints. If you rub CBD topical, anti-inflammatories on the affected area, the skin absorbs the cream. The contents go deep into areas of the body where there is inflammation. It reduces the infection, swelling, redness, abrasion, and other related symptoms. Research shows that it is even more effective than topical opioids, which have side effects when used for long.

Pain relief

CBD pain reliever topicals come as balms, gels, sprays, lotions, salves, and serums. The creamy texture has a soothing effect on the skin, but it helps reduce painful conditions of any kind. It produces analgesia, anti-inflammatory effects vital for therapeutic use. Studies show that the topical formulation works well for arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and cancer pain. In some cases, using CBD topically is better than ingesting it.

Routine Skincare

CBD tends to provide promising skincare benefits. Even dermatologists believe that the compound binds to receptors and helps the skin repair faster. Whether your skin is dry, oily, or sensitive, it works for all skin types. You can use CBD moisturizers for conditions like eczema and psoriasis. It also helps reduce oil production, making it an effective remedy for scars.

Enhances Healing

The use of CBD topical products promotes wound healing. Whether it’s fractured bone or insect bite lumps, cannabinoids have a vital role in steady recovery. Topical CBD preparations prevent bacteria growth and stimulate your skin to regenerate fast. It heals the epidermal tissues. Soon, the pain, swelling, redness, or itchiness of the injury also disappears.

Stress and anxiety

Very few people know that CBD topicals can help cope with stress and anxiety. Not only does topical cream kick in faster, but it also makes the compound more bioavailable. Experts suggest some strategic spots, like temples and foreheads, for best results. Massaging the cream on these areas will release tension and relax your mind.

Promotes well-being

Authentic CBD topicals contribute to the well-being of your overall health. It is a skin-friendly ingredient with analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties. Hemp-derived CBD derivatives are much better than the chemical-filled creams available on the market. Clinical trials on humans and animals show that it is safe to use.

How to choose the best topical product?


There are an array of CBD topicals available in the market. You can choose from salves, creams, patches, face masks, massage oil, moisturizers, body lotions, cleansers, or something else. Overall, your choice depends on your preference and specific needs. However, make sure to select reliable, quality products only. Here are a few other things to consider while shopping for CBD-based topicals.


Buy CBD products from reputable dealers selling legitimate and authentic goods. Be aware of false claims. Health products that are not certified by the FDA may not cure a health issue. You must go through the product label to check its authenticity. Also, check the list of ingredients to ensure it does not contain anything that creates an allergy. If you are buying online, seek third-party lab test reports of the product. Reputed firms selling cannabis derivatives will provide a certificate of authenticity.

CBD spectrum

CBD contents in a product could be full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolated. The full-spectrum form is more beneficial than the other two. Due to the presence of different cannabis compounds, it offers an entourage effect. It has terpenes, essential oils, cannabidiol, and THC up to 0.3%. Broad spectra are also credible, but they don’t have THC. On the other hand, the isolate form is the right choice for pure, flavorless, odorless cannabidiol. However, it is better to ask your doctor for the CBD spectra you should take for your requirements.

CBD Usage

The label of every topical product has complete instructions on use. You should first clean and then pat dry your skin where you intend to apply the cream. Take a fingertip full of the product and rub it onto the skin surface. How often you have to use it depends on your specific requirements. For instance, if you suffer from arthritis pain, apply pain reliever gel at four- to six-hour intervals. You will feel the effects within minutes after application. But if you are using CBD beauty care products, you don’t have to use them multiple times.

Allergic Reaction

Inhaling or using CBD orally may cause side effects, like dizziness, dry mouth, or fatigue. But topical CBD products will provide no harm. If you experience irritation, it could be from another ingredient in the product. So when you apply it for the first time, test it on a small part of your skin. You should observe the skin surface. If it gives an allergic reaction, stop using the cream. However, you can continue with the product if it seems to respond well.

Final Thoughts On CBD Topicals

Derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant, CBD is a herbal remedy for many ailments. Though there are many other ways to consume CBD, the topical formulation is suitable for targeted effects. It relieves minor pain, aches, scars, wrinkles, and inflammation without the psychoactive effects. Its bioavailability is low, but this does not mean that it is not efficient. When CBD gets absorbed topically, it interacts with the cannabinoid receptors through the skin pores. You will start feeling the effects within about 15 minutes. These effects will last long, from 2 to 6 hours.

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