Know These Essential Differences Between CBD And CBN

Considering using natural supplements to aid you with depression, anxiety, insomnia, etc.? CBN and CBD are superb options, with their healing and beneficial properties. Hemp plants have been under research and scrutiny for a truly long time.

Cannabinoid compounds such as Cannabidiol or CBD and Cannabinol or CBN have been researched and tested for quite some time and each has displayed considerable medicinal and healing properties. CBN and CBD are two of the numerous cannabinoids recognized and tested in hemp plants.

These two chemicals might belong to the same category though they do possess separate approaches to how they assist. This article discusses the differences and benefits of CBN and CBD.





Cannabinol (CBN) and cannabidiol (CBD) are two of the over 100 kinds of natural chemical components termed cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant. Nevertheless, they’re not similar. Though CBN and CBD interact with similar receptors in your body, they create different effects.

CBD is more common than CBN. It’s mostly sourced from the hemp plant and is legal for consumption. Though state laws differ. You can discover CBD-infused products in gas stations and grocery stores. It’s present in various beauty and food products like oils, pills, creams, shampoos, and chocolates. People frequently employ it to aid manage symptoms of insomnia, anxiety, and an assortment of chronic pain and different medical conditions.

The well-known positive effects of CBD comprise persistent tissue pain, convulsions, and inflammation. It is recognized to limit cancer cell development in association with THC. CBN (cannabinol) comprises a Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) product that has been degraded by oxidation, generally produced when THC faces air and Ultraviolet light with time. It has psychoactive properties, though not the same as THC.

A very slight CBN percentage is present in cannabis as compared with various cannabinoids. It possesses indicant-like impact and also lowers pain and inflammation. CBN is made by the mode of decarboxylation and aging and plays a substantial role in numerous medicinal conditions. It causes slight or nil intoxicating effects.

CBN benefits comprise: anti-convulsive, pain relief, works as an appetite stimulant, anti-inflammatory effects, supports bone cell development, and antibacterial. It, on the contrary, is not as common or easily available. This is since there hasn’t been plenty of human or animal research performed on the uses, benefits, and side effects.

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How Can You Consume CBN or CBD?



CBD is in various topical and oral products that you can discover online or in your gas station, local grocery store, or a pharmacy. It’s also present in legally run marijuana dispensaries.

You can consume CBD in the form of:

  • Gummies
  • Pills
  • Edibles
  • Patches
  • Oils
  • Creams
  • Tinctures
  • Shampoo
  • Lotions
  • Vape pens

CBN isn’t as extensively available, but it’s discoverable in forms such as:

    • Oils
    • Capsules
    • Tinctures
    • Tea bags
    • Disposable vape pens
  • CBN isolate

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Differences Between CBD Vs CBN

Though they constitute two compounds from the same source, they are fairly separate in their working route and their working mechanism. They are two separate molecules with two separate structures. Let’s see the differences in CBN vs CBD.


CBN has a hugely different working mechanism as compared to CBD. CBN is formed from the oxidation and breakdown of THC. Due to that, CBN does possess some type of properties of THC, termed the psychoactive properties.

CBN will exert some type of mild sedation impact. CBD, on the contrary, does not possess any psychoactive properties and is stringently medicinal. CBD is more of a relaxer and soother than a sedative. It will aid you calm nerves and relaxing but won’t sedate you.


Handling Anxiety

CBD is extensively known to aid with nervousness and anxiety. CBD, with its soothing features, has been employed constantly for the treatment and control of ADHD and some instances of social anxiety. Anxiety results from the excess amount of stress molecules that evoke an anxious response.

CBD with its endocannabinoid receptor obstructing technology helps obstruct the stress molecules. CBN, on the contrary, does not assist with anxiety at all. CBN does not possess any recognized properties or any propensity to drift towards the endocannabinoid receptors. As the research of CBN is yet in its infancy, it cannot be mentioned that CBN has no such property as it is extremely early to mention that.


Controlling Seizures

Seizure-causing ailments like tuberculosis sclerosis and epilepsy are accompanied by plenty of hindering symptoms. The furthest CBD has advanced concerning any ailment is epilepsy. Doctors recommend CBD for treating epilepsy to reduce the impact of seizures.

CBD also includes sleep-promoting properties which are perfect for anyone affected with recurring instances of seizures. CBN does contain properties like that of CBD. CBN is sleep-promoting but there are no recognized properties of CBN that may address seizures or even regulate them.


Appetite Stimulant

CBN has a quite different impact than CBD regarding appetite. While CBD renders the user feel less hungry, CBN activates the appetite. This can be extremely beneficial for people who grapple to maintain or put on weight due to medical conditions. For an instance, cancer patients often shed weight as chemotherapy treatment reduces their hunger.

Researchers found (through an animal study) that CBN activated the appetite in rats.


Is CBN Stronger Than CBD?

CBN may be psychoactive if consumed in big doses. It is a bit more psychoactive than CBD but extremely weak compared to THC, implying it does not produce similar effects as THC. It isn’t simple to source CBN, so it’s not available in plenty. But, generally, CBD is stronger than CBN considering its medicinal effects.

The British Journal of Pharmacology published a study in 2011 highlighting the effects of CBN as a relaxant having the potential to alleviate pain. It could also work as a neuroprotectant and appetite stimulant, as per some studies.


Legality Of CBD Vs CBN

Currently, CBN is legal as it complies with the 2018 Farm Bill. This bill rendered hemp legal on a federal level. Therefore, as long as it’s extracted from hemp, using it shouldn’t pose any problem.

CBD and different products extracted from hemp carrying under 0.3% THC are regarded as federally legal.

Cannabis extracts that are not sourced from hemp are still regarded as illegal federally. Legitimizing marijuana on a federal level would remove the confusion enclosing marijuana-sourced CBN products.

Generally, federal law is separate from state laws regarding cannabis. States are independent to interpret the laws in their own way. Companies can sell CBN products as it’s not regarded as a Schedule I drug so long as the delta 9 THC content is under 0.3%.


Psychoactivity Of CBD Vs CBN

Some studies indicate CBN is non-intoxicating. The consensus is that CBN is nearly 10% as potent as THC.

Doses of 20-50 mg CBN are not likely to generate any psychoactive effects. Nevertheless, surpassing this amount may create psychoactive effects resembling THC. CBD is completely non-psychoactive – implying irrespective of how much you consume, you’re not going to get high.


Benefits And Effects

The effects of CBN have not been comprehensively studied in human subjects – yet. Bear this in mind when you find products with CBN that make an abundance of medical claims. Certainly, they could be correct, but there aren’t sufficient scientific trials to uphold their claims.

That said, let’s discuss the CBN benefits and what is CBN good.

Relieving Effects

CBN has displayed an ability to promote relaxing effects on the human body and brain.

A study posted in 2011 in the British Journal of Pharmacology asserted that the mix of THC and specific levels of CBN could deliver a “tranquilizing” impact on humans.

This is, most probably, because THC is also excellent at tranquilizing people. As CBN is practically THC that has been degraded with time, it probably carries some of the same effects as THC.


CBN May Act As A Sleep Aid

The research in this specific area is deficient, though current results have displayed potential impacts of CBN on treating sleep disorders. The researchers have asserted CBN for sleep, based on narrow research, is a successful sleep-promoting cannabinoid.


CBN As An Antibiotic

Think about being able to flush out dangerous bacteria from your body. CBN may really be able to do this, and nicely as well.

There was a study performed in 2008 which examined CBN and various other cannabinoids (like CBD). The results displayed that CBN was successful in aiding treat MRSA, a kind of bacterial infection that can be greatly resistant to plenty of separate antibiotics.


Explore Improved Bone Healing With CBN

Research displays that cannabinoids, like CBN, can actually assist in stimulating the development of new bone cells. This is achieved by activating stem cells which assist in the process of forming fresh, healthy bone cells.

There’s also some encouraging news that displays CBN, and numerous other cannabinoids just may be useful in aiding regenerating fractured bone, and also aiding lessen the bone loss.

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As cannabigerol constitutes the parent molecule from which whole other cannabis compounds are blended – implying THC, CBD, etc., all begin as CBG – it is frequently termed the “mother” of cannabinoids. As the “mother,” CBG could be more strong, or at least provide a more extensive range of benefits, than various cannabinoids. At the minimum, manufacturers hold it generates a powerful “entourage effect” when mixed with CBD. This effect signifies cannabinoids working in combination with one another be it THC and CBN vs CBG vs CBD – and boosting the individual properties of each.

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The Best Range Of CBD And CBN Products

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Hemp Depot’s lineup of CBD and CBN products includes Full-Spectrum CBD Products, Broad-Spectrum CBD Products, CBD Isolate Products, and CBN Products.



Both CBN and CBD have plenty to offer to enhance your life quality naturally. Their molecular structures are likewise, though their effects are separate. They even interact with the endocannabinoid system separately.

Though CBN is extracted from THC, it does not deliver similar effects as it attaches to the receptors weakly. It is a bit psychoactive but nowhere in the club of THC. Numerous studies have been done on CBD, though the same does not apply to CBN, so you should consult your physician to address specific disorders.

Since both cannabinoids have encouraging potential, it’s best to mix and use them regularly. Many companies like hemp depot co-sell oils, edibles, and tinctures containing CBN and CBD, so it shouldn’t be hard to find them.

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