CBD For Borderline Personality Disorder

CBD For Borderline Personality Disorder

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Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is a mental health disorder where patients experience extreme mood disturbances. It is an emotional pain when a person develops a fear of abandonment. According to an article by NCBI, there is a possibility of 1.6 percent of Borderline Personality Disorder in everyone. Different individuals can have different causes of developing Borderline Personality Disorder. People with BPD face changes in their lifestyle, relationships, and careers in the long run.

Speaking of cures, CBD is the best strain for Borderline Personality Disorder. Several BPD case studies have shown the positive effects of CBD on patients. But the factor of recent and fresh studies makes it a bit controversial. Confusion related to weed and CBD is also new. Questions like “Does weed help with BPD?”, “Do CBD products work?”, “Can CBD and BPD go hand in hand?” are floating all over the world. But Before we talk about that, let us go through some basic details. The content also clarifies the difference between weed and CBD. It answers the question, “does weed help in BPD?” in detail. More importantly, the treatments for BPD are also elaborated below.

CBD For Borderline Personality Disorder
CBD Softgels / Tablets

Why Does Borderline Personality Disorder Occur?

As stated earlier, BPD can occur due to different reasons in different people. It can also occur due to one or many reasons at the same time. The disorder is primarily generated due to the fear of abandonment. You may feel abandonment several times during a lifetime, and its severity can lead to mental health issues.

Hereditary Cause

Genes affect our bodies hugely. People with any family history are more likely to develop a disease or a disorder due to genes. Similarly, Borderline Personality Disorder can develop as a hereditary result too.

Anyone With A Difference In Brain Chemicals

The brain is the leading organ in our body. Changes in the chemicals of the brain can make an individual react differently. It can make an individual behave differently. An observance of differences in the neurotransmitters has been said as a common cause of BPD.

Environmental Reasons

The environment is essential for a patient. Anyone dealing with any disease needs the right environment to cure it. A disorder tends to grow in the wrong one. Therefore, the environment can also be the reason for the development of a disease.

Emotional Imbalance

A person with emotional abuse can eventually have BPD. A person with physical or sexual trauma can have BPD, or someone neglected at a young age can develop the disorder. Similarly, a person facing a different kind of ignorance can develop an illness.

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Symptoms Of Borderline Personality Disorder

CBD For Borderline Personality Disorder
CBD for Borderline Personality Disorder

It can be seen in common patterns where-

  • A person tries to please others.
  • A person tries to idealize others.
  • A person expects different roles other than the responsible person. Here, a child neglected by his father can expect someone else to be his parent. Similarly, another child neglected by his mother can expect someone else to be his mother.
  • A person with this disorder often expects his friends and family to bully him.
  • A person with this disorder can believe other people except for that person are adults.

At What Age Can A Person Develop Borderline Personality Disorder?

Usually, mental health disorders like BPD develop after 18. But there is a possibility of extending it before that. It can be noticed when a person has the symptoms for more than a year. Gender-wise, women are more likely to develop BPD than men.

According to an article by NCBI, the women and men ratio for BPD is 3:1. This indicates that the disorder can be gender prone as well. But the report also states bias in the number of samples. Additionally, there was also bias in the number of clinicians. Therefore, the disease can also be called equally prone.

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What Is CBD?

CBD For Borderline Personality Disorder
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CBD is an extract from cannabis. Cannabis is Sativa plants that have Cannabidiol present in them. Cannabidiol helps in the treatment of various diseases and disorders. With more research, Cannabidiol proves to be a boon in the medical world. It has calming effects on the human body. For decades, it has been in use to treat anxiety and stress. It has also been used for depression.

Being an extract present in one of the types of marijuana plants, people expect CBD to make them high. On the contrary, CBD doesn’t intoxicate you like weed or similar substances. It simply relieves you from emotional pain and stress. It works like a soothing medicine instead of a cloud nine substance.

Does Weed Help BPD?

As clarified above, weed and CBD offer two different reactions to the body. Although weed can take a person high along with intoxication, it is not a CURE for BPD. CBD, on the other hand, is the best strain for Borderline Personality Disorder. It offers the possibility of replacing various medicines with better and healthier treatments.

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Treatment Of Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder has multiple ways of treatments. The most common treatment for BPD is providing psychotherapies. Traditional psychotherapy is providing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to the patient. Another usual treatment is providing Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. Under these therapies, patients are aimed to focus, manage emotions and reduce impulsiveness. The therapies help in focusing on handling the ability to concentrate. They help in managing uncomfortable feelings. Eventually, these therapies bring back healthier relationships in a patient’s life. Other examples of such treatments are Mentalization Based Therapy, Transference Focused Psychotherapy, etc.

Apart from the therapies, other cures include medications. As per a few reports, medications are antidepressants or antipsychotic drugs. These medications help stabilize the moods of a person. There are both advantages and side effects of the medicines. But as far as the cure is concerned, medications are essential. CBD, out of different treatments, can prove to be one good cure for BPD. If the disorder gets severe, essential treatments like hospitalizing the patient for recovery are needed. Hospitalization provides comparatively more intense treatment than usual therapies and drugs.

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How Much Time Does Hospitalization Take?

Many patients worry about losing their lives due to hospitalization. They think of being there for a year or two. But every recovery depends on the individual patient. Learning to handle and manage emotions can be difficult sometimes. Each individual has their own pace of growth and learning ability. They also can learn. Therefore, some patients recover quickly, while others take time. But this shouldn’t keep anyone from recovering. The delayed recovery of such treatments can lead to more severe disorders and illnesses. With deeper treatments, patients heal profoundly and get back to routine faster.

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How Does CBD Help In Borderline Personality Disorder?

Our body comprises the Endocannabinoid system. The Endocannabinoid system has special receptors that deal with different chemicals. One of these chemicals is Serotonin. It is a chemical that makes us feel happy and calm. In disorders like BPD, serotonin levels decrease to a meager extent. It is where CBD helps the body increase the level of Serotonin and get back to normal. Even depression and anxiety indicate low serotonin levels in the body. CBD also helps in depression and anxiety for similar reasons. It activates the right receptors and brings back normality.

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Best CBD Strains For Borderline Personality Disorder

Here are some strains that you may use to relieve borderline personality disorder:

707 Headband

With its potent, lingering, and calming effects, this strain is frequently used to treat depression, pain, stress, lack of appetite, and sleeplessness. This variety has a 22–23% THC content, making it highly potent. Because of its Indica/Sativa balance, it can be excellent for coping with manic depressive episodes when complete despair sets in. This strain is most known for being exceptionally strong for users with high tolerances.

Northern Lights

Another incredibly well-known medicinal strain that is both potent and calming is this one. Almost no one can relax while they have the majority of mood problems. We are, therefore, more prone to substance addiction problems in an effort to create a false sense of tranquility. Manic, wrath, panic, and other unstable mood episodes can be very challenging to manage. If you struggle with sleeplessness brought on by mania, Northern Lights can help you fall asleep because it is soporific. With a THC content of 18%, Northern Lights is quite potent.

Strawberry Cough

This last option is only for days when all of your emotions are there at once. When your mind is clouded, you feel suspicious, you remember things incorrectly, and you just need a momentary mental break. Strawberry Cough is a strain that is both euphoric and uplifting while also being incredibly calming. If your brain hasn’t registered that you have the day off, smoke some Strawberry Cough, find your favorite book, turn on your favorite TV show, gather your blankets, and put on your coziest pajamas.


Due to its diverse uses, this strain is probably to be mentioned in the most medical literature. The fact that the THC and CBD levels are identical makes this particularly beneficial for mood disorders. Cannatonic isn’t overly psychoactive because both hover between 5 and 7%. It is typically given as a medication to people who have inflammation, spasms, nausea, or spasticity. Since there are many physical elements to BPD, this strain is mostly used for physical problems. It’s simple to lose your appetite, feel nauseous, have tight muscles, and have following muscle discomfort. There are several things that we frequently overlook until they make getting out of bed or the house very challenging.

CBD For Borderline Personality Disorder
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Final Words: CBD For Borderline Personality Disorder

There is a deep and complex connection between CBD and borderline personality disorder. Owing to its therapeutic effects, BPD sufferers frequently use cannabis as self-medication. Nevertheless, it could exacerbate stress and paranoia symptoms in rare circumstances, worsening the issue.

CBD and its product may be beneficial for treating some BPD symptoms when consumed safely. They do not, however, serve as a replacement for professional medical care. Speak with a doctor upfront if you have BPD and want to use marijuana or CBD oil to treat your illness. Taking additional prescription drugs, such as antipsychotics or antidepressants, is crucial. Your doctor will ensure that cannabis medication is appropriate for you and provided you take it in a way that is both appropriate and effective.

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