How Long Does CBD Stay in My System?

Many Americans are purchasing CBD oil or infused products from a CBD supplier to add it to their daily routine. Numerous consumers use CBD oil in their smoothies, apply topicals to relieve inflammation, and take edibles to attain the compound’s benefits. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant. Unlike THC, CBD does not impact brain functions.

CBD is used for a variety of reasons and in various forms. While plenty of people have embraced the benefits of CBD, some feel reluctant to give it a try for two main reasons:
I. The stigma surrounding cannabis in some parts of the world
II. The fear of failing a drug test

For this reason, your business will most likely get a lot of questions about how CBD impacts the body and stays in the human system. Below, we’ve provided some information on the matter for you to share with your customers.

How Long Does CBD Stay in the Human System?

Many people want to know how long CBD stays in their systems. In fact, it’s likely that customers approaching a CBD supplier will want to know before buying a CBD product. Well, the answer depends on many factors. But, what we can say with certainty is that CBD does not last in your body for more than two to four weeks.

Contributing Factors

It is important to know the factors that determine the “stay duration” of CBD in the human body so that you can address the buyer’s concern:

  • Frequency of Consumption: How frequently the user consumes CBD affects the amount of time it stays in the system.
  • Method of Administration: How the buyer consumes CBD influences both the effects and presence of CBD in the body.
  • Dosage: The amount of CBD a consumer takes at a time also impacts how long the cannabidiol stays in their body.

  • Metabolism: How long CBD stays in the body depends greatly on the consumer’s metabolism. The faster the body metabolizes CBD, the faster it’s excreted from the body.
  • Scientific Evidence

    Scientific evidence on this matter remains limited, but is steadily increasing. One recent study claimed that CBD stays in the blood of daily consumers for three to five days. However, the study suggested that the duration may vary depending on the method of administration.

    Another study found similar results, with CBD being total absent in the body one week after the last day of usage. For this particular study, patients were administered 700mg of CBD every day for six consecutive weeks. At the end of the sixth week, the researchers stopped administering CBD. They could not trace any signs of CBD in the blood after one week of discontinuation.

    It is important to know that while CBD stays in the system for at least a few days, the effects last for a few hours only. Consumer’s mode of consumption, body weight, and consumption history influence the longevity of CBD’s effects on the body.

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