Mixing CBD with Ketamine Might Be Great For Depression

Mixing CBD with Ketamine Might Be Great For Depression

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Mixing CBD with Ketamine Might Be Great For Depression.

Over the last few years, ketamine has been lauded for its efficacy in treating treatment-resistant depression, a breakthrough made largely by chance when doctors discovered that agitated people given ketamine reported a significant decrease in suicidal tendencies.

The FDA recently added treatment-resistant depression to the list of conditions for which ketamine can be given. Ketamine, like psilocybin mushrooms, has certain potent adverse effects that not every therapeutic user wants. Psychotic symptoms and “hyperlocomotion,” which is exactly what sounds like excessive movement, are among them.

To put it another way, you can’t do much else when you’re on ketamine. It’s likely that you’ll need to be in a clinic or under monitoring while taking it, thus its practical benefits are limited.

So, what if you could keep the therapeutic potential while limiting the unfavorable side effects of ketamine? According to new research, mixing ketamine and CBD can aid in the treatment of depression.

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What Does The Research Say?

Mixing CBD with Ketamine Might Be Great For Depression. What Does The Research Say? A team of researchers from the University of So Paulo in Brazil applied ketamine dose and CBD to mice ranging from 2.5 to 30 milligrams per kilogram of body weight, noting that CBD and ketamine seemed to activate the same receptor in the brain. Some mice received both medications, whereas others just received one.

Male mice given both ketamine and CBD scored well enough on movement tests to imply that the CBD operated as a modulator, preventing certain “psycholocomotor alterations” but still providing anti-depressant advantages.

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“Our findings reveal for the first time that CBD’s antidepressant-like action, comparable to ketamine, is dependent on AMPA receptor activation,” the researchers said in their findings, which were published in the journal Neuropharmacology. That’s a fascinating development in neuroscience. These findings suggest that combining CBD and ketamine “may be an appealing treatment strategy in treating depression, by enhancing antidepressant impact while reducing” harmful side effects of ketamine, according to the researchers.

With World Health Organization predicting that depression would be the main cause of disability globally by 2030, innovative and effective clinical treatments are essential.

A viable CBD-ketamine cocktail is an exciting proposition for a country like the United States, which is slowly but steadily accepting the potential of both cannabis and ketamine to treat serious illnesses such as depression, while also on the lookout for effective treatments with few to no side effects.

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