Know Which Rare Cannabinoid Is Best: THCV, CBN Or CBG

Rare Cannabinoids

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There are more than 100 cannabinoids present in cannabis plants. And while science has mentioned CBD and THC, what about the rest in the combination? It’s important to observe that not only CBD and THC have useful properties. Every cannabinoid present in cannabis causes specific feelings and effects delivered by consumption. To help you obtain a better knowledge of a few of the lesser-known cannabinoids present, let’s closely look at where they emerge from and the different benefits they can deliver.


THCV – The New Cannabinoid On The Block


Rare Cannabinoids
Rare Cannabinoids


THCV begins life as CBGVA and is then altered through enzymes. It is the sole cannabinoid apart from THC that is psychoactive (though the effects do not seem to be as deep or permanent), however, it contains the unique capacity to suppress appetite rather than stimulate it. No other recognized cannabinoid acts in this manner and had made THCV more researched than different propyl-chain cannabinoids. Plants can be raised to produce greater amounts of THCV, particularly strains descended from African sativas along with skunk strains.

THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin) is present in hemp and cannabis plants, where it can either be taken in plant material or consumed as an isolated extract, most popularly in oil form.THCV constitutes a stimulant that displays the ability for suppressing appetite, with the capacity to assist weight loss and boost energy levels. THCV suppresses appetite by turning off our CB1 receptor.

THCV also displays promise in other spheres like diabetes, inflammatory pain and inflammation, antipsychotic effects and schizophrenia, seizures, and Parkinson’s disease.

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How THCV Acts For Weight Loss

  • Studies have displayed that switching off the CB1 receptor – which THCV achieves – suppresses various food-associated behaviors. A prescription anti-obesity diet drug, Rimonabant, was created to turn off the CB1 receptor and was hugely effective for weight loss. Nevertheless, Rimonabant also led to severe depression and was stopped.
  • Luckily, this study was conducted on THCV and discovered that not just does THCV act for the suppression of appetite by switching off the CB1 receptor, but it generates a considerably lesser risk of creating depressive or other adverse side effects. THCV thus seems to possess superb therapeutic potential for those striving to decrease their calorie consumption.
  • This separate study discovered that THCV changes the connections between regions of the brain permitting people more control over their food consumption.

Moreover, this experiment discovered that mixing THC with THCV withdrew THCV’s capacity to suppress appetite. Fortunately, the inclusion of CBD counteracted the THC and permitted the THCV to restrict hunger. It thus seems that if you’re taking THCV to attempt to shed weight, you should either consume it alone or alongside CBD. if you frequently take THC, a THCV: CBD mix may be the finest option.


How To Take THCV


Rare cannabinoids
THC Hard Candies


If you desire to see whether THCV aids with appetite regulation, a purified THCV oil or THCV: CBD mix would be advised. Nonetheless, if you desire an energizing high, combining THCV with THC or hemp-sourced delta-8-THC can be enjoyable.

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CBN Aids With Sleep

CBN is a plant-sourced compound, similar to cannabidiol (CBD), and more than 100 different cannabinoids available in a full-spectrum hemp oil or drawn product. Nevertheless, it’s rare in the manner it gets formed.

CBN evolves after the Cannabis sativa plant is cultivated as a degeneration product of THC. When THC is opened to extreme quantities of heat and light (by oxidation), it converts into a rare metabolite: CBN. In contrast to THC, nevertheless, CBN does not possess psychoactive effects.

The primary effect of CBN appears to be on sleep. Cannabinol (CBN) is occasionally called the sleepy cannabinoid, as it is especially helpful for treating insomnia. A randomized regulated trial posted in 2021 showed that products carrying CBN had a useful effect on sleep quality.

CBN could be helpful as a supplemental therapy for the following disorders:

  • Pain – CBN is an anti-inflammatory and mild painkiller.
  • Anti-epileptic – CBN’s sedative effects can be useful in the treatment of convulsions and seizures.
  • Appetite Stimulant – May be helpful for people undergoing chemotherapy-caused nausea and reduction in appetite.
  • InsomniaCBN possesses sedative effects and has been mentioned in some cases to be more powerful than those of valium, making it a concerning cannabinoid for replacing prescription sedatives.
  • Antibacterial – CBN could delay bacterial growth, making it valuable to treat superbugs such as MRSA.

Moreover, CBN displays even further promise than CBD and THC as a neuroprotectant and for the treatment of glaucoma. A CBN-packed formula created by InMed Pharmaceuticals displays that CBN can reduce intraocular (internal eye) pressure. CBN’s therapeutic impact on hypertension and diabetes implies it works as a potential treatment for glaucoma.

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CBG For Inflammation And Pain


Rare Cannabinoids
CBG Isolate Tincture


  • Cannabigerol (CBG) is a kind of cannabinoid derived from the cannabis plant. It is frequently termed the mother of all cannabinoids. This is since different cannabinoids are sourced from cannabegerolic acid (CBGA), an acidic version of CBG.
  • CBG is present in lower quantities than different cannabinoids in cannabis plants. Most plant strains contain just 1% of CBG in comparison to 25 to 30% of THC or 20 to 25% of CBD.
  • This renders consumer products sourced from the cannabinoid rare and frequently expensive. Nonetheless, CBG is gaining popularity due to the plethora of likely benefits the cannabinoids have to present.
  • A 2021 patient survey suggested a majority of patients discovered CBG-rich products successful in treating their insomnia, anxiety, and chronic pain, besides other conditions.

While gaps still exist to fill in CBG research, early findings suggest it has many health benefits:

  • Lowering intraocular pressure and acting as a vasodilator neuroprotectant: renders it a promising alternative for treating and handling glaucoma symptoms.
  • Anti-inflammatory qualities when examined on mice with induced colitis could prove a successful and holistic therapy for different inflammatory bowel diseases.
  • Fighting Huntington’s disease in mice, which leads to nerve cell deterioration in the brain, by safeguarding neurons and blocking progression.
  • An agonist to ⍺-2 receptors, which are mainly present in the nervous system and control heart rate and blood pressure, along with sympathetic nervous system activity. By limiting them, CBG can address symptoms of hyperactivity/attention-deficit disorder.
  • Huge potential as a cancer avoider and treatment, including for gastric, breast, and colorectal cancer cells, and also glioblastoma brain tumors.
  • As an antibacterial agent, also against bacterial types resistant to different drugs.
  • Activating appetite, though studies have solely been performed on rats. This may aid induce appetite in chronically ailing patients or those who have ruined their appetite from cancer treatments.


Find The Best CBG And CBN Products

Hemp Depot raises custom, owned strains from which its whole products are sourced and handcrafted in Colorado to the most demanding standards. With a promise of purity and safety assured through third-party examination, Hemp Depot provides a whole assortment of full-spectrum and THC-nil products at the optimum value. Their entire products are drawn in-house and produced in their cGMP-authorised production facility. Hemp Depot incorporates rare cannabinoids to offer a complete range of CBG and CBN products to cater to your needs.

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Bottom Line

There has been a blast of interest in THCV on account of its possible health benefits. It is being seen that leading players in the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and health food industries are clamoring to include THCV in their product lines. Companies can now manufacture THCV by biosynthesis, developing a pharmaceutical-level, organic, biosimilar compound at 70-90% lower than wholesale prices.

This is precisely what is desired by the major players in the market: a pharmaceutical-grade, regular product and considerably less cost. The current quality and prices have restricted THCV production, though new advances in biosynthesis have resolved those issues, so expect a flood of orders for THCV. The other rare cannabinoids CBG and CBN are also in the fray and you can count on products from reputed and credible brands like Hemp Depot Co.

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