The Benefits of Using Awake and Sleep CBD Pills

There are so many different variables that can impact your natural wake-sleep cycle, making you feel off-balanced and not as productive as you’d like to be. From poor diet to chronic stress, your body is a complex system that can be more sensitive than you think. When we start utilizing different pharmaceutical and over-the-counter options to help us facilitate a better wake-sleep cycle, these options have long-term consequences that can actually cause further disruptions. Switching to natural alternatives like awake and sleep CBD pills may provide the benefits you need for achieving a well-balanced lifestyle.

The Benefits of CBD Awake Pills

Our Tru Organics CBD awake pills are formulated with only four ingredients that may help promote that natural boost of energy. Infused with vitamins C and B6 for promoting energy production in the body, our awake pressed tablets are also sugar-free and uncoated for the purest option available. Formulated with CBD isolate and caffeine, individuals may better experience the benefits of caffeine without the negative side effects. CBD may alleviate the anxiety and trembles often associated with consuming caffeine while potentially offering mildly alerting effects that help with daytime fatigue. These awake tablets can be taken first thing in the morning or whenever you need that extra boost throughout the day. Our pressed tablets can be easily cut in half with a pill splitter to help better customize your dosage.

The Benefits of CBD Sleep Pills

Our Tru Organics CBD sleep pills are formulated with only three ingredients for the most natural option available on the market. These allergy-friendly pressed pills are infused with CBD isolate, melatonin, and chamomile. Melatonin and chamomile are proven natural sleep aids that may help individuals fall asleep faster and maintain consistent sleep throughout the night. CBD may help alleviate anxiety, pain, involuntary spasms, and other ailments that can impede a good night’s sleep. CBD may also optimize melatonin and serotonin production for better REM sleep.

The Benefits of a Proper Wake-Sleep Cycle

Your current wake-sleep cycle may be off-balanced, but finding the right routine and aids can help you get it back on track. Utilizing alternative, natural options are better suited for long-term use. While pharmaceutical sleep-aids and common energizing morning routines may be effective in the short-term, they all have adverse side effects when used long-term. It’s best to incorporate a healthy diet and active lifestyle to help better balance your natural wake-sleep cycle.

Try Tru Organics CBD Wake and Sleep Pills Today

Hemp Depot is proud to share our two new CBD formulas for promoting natural energy and better sleep. Our new pressed pills are available for private label, wholesale, and as a part of our exclusive white label CBD program. For more information regarding the benefits of CBD awake and sleep pills, please contact us!



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