What Does CBD Taste Like?

For companies interested in formulating CBD ingestible, it is important to understand what CBD oil tastes like and how it may impact your product’s flavor profile. It’s also good common knowledge to have since you will encounter customers who haven’t tried CBD and are curious about the taste.

The Taste of CBD Oil and Hemp Extract

When you’re formulating your product with CBD or CBD-rich hemp extract, it will present a mild flavor. It has an earthy, plant flavor that some companies look to cover up while others simply embrace. The flavor is usually well-tolerated by most since it is pretty subtle but keep this in mind when you think of what demographic you’ll be selling to.

The Taste of CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is virtually flavorless, offering a great option for those concerned about specific flavors. CBD isolate can be incorporated into many ingestible items including tinctures, edibles, and more. If you don’t like the way CBD oil tastes or don’t want it to impact the other flavors in your product, CBD isolate is a great option.

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The Taste of Water-Soluble CBD

Water-soluble CBD is supposed to be flavorless just like CBD isolate. However, some CBD manufacturers use emulsifiers and other fillers which can cause a bitter taste. Make sure to try samples first and only purchase your water-soluble CBD from a reliable manufacturer to avoid this. The flavorless profile of water-soluble CBD makes it a great option for certain product formulations, especially since it is available in full-spectrum and isolate options.

Learn More About CBD Flavors

Hemp Depot is proud to educate our clients on all things CBD. If you’re concerned about formulating your CBD products and how they’ll taste, we welcome you to take advantage of our custom formulation services. Work with the nation’s leading scientists and formulators to create exactly what you’re looking for. We can help you take all the guesswork and stress out of this process, ensuring the perfect finished product. For more information regarding how CBD oil tastes, please contact us!

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