What Is Pharmaceutical-Grade CBD?

You may have heard the term pharmaceutical-grade CBD during your search of the CBD marketplace. With so many different brands and types of CBD out there, it can hard to determine what products you want for own company. So the question is, what does this mean and is there any weight to it?

The Meaning Behind Pharmaceutical-Grade CBD

Pharmaceutical-grade CBD is meant to be an indicator that the product is pure and safe. The term describes a high purity level free of fillers and other toxic ingredients. While the term is very positive, it is more of a marketing ploy and isn’t really representative of a different extraction process or standard.

  • Pharmacist developed CBD products: There are CBD companies that have been started by pharmacists that used the terms pharmacist-developed and pharmaceutical-grade to describe their products. In this case, pharmaceutical-grade CBD refers to their product standards.
  • Actual pharmaceutical-grade CBD: Technically, there is only one pharmaceutical-grade CBD product which is Epidiolex. Epidiolex is the only FDA-approved CBD-based pharmaceutical drug. With no oversight or regulations in the CBD industry, there is no standard that has been set for pharmaceutical-grade CBD.
  • Marketing ploy: Any company can claim that they have pharmaceutical-grade CBD. There’s no licensing or regulatory program that defines this statement. Don’t purchase wholesale CBD products, private label CBD products, or bulk CBD solely on the fact that they’re marked as pharmaceutical grade. Always check COAs and further inquire about where the CBD is sourced from, where their hemp is grown, and what your CBD wholesaler’s manufacturing standards are.

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Hemp Depot is happy to educate our clients on all things CBD. Pharmaceutical-grade CBD is a great, eye-catching term that you can use in your own marketing strategy but be aware of the implications and don’t purchase wholesale CBD products based on this term only. Do your homework to make sure your brand and customers are protected from toxic and poor-quality CBD products. We proudly offer an exclusive private label program that ensures the best, purest products for you and your customers. Take advantage of our private label CBD products to achieve pharmaceutical-grade CBD advertising. For more information regarding our private label CBD program, please contact us!