What Is the Difference Between Hemp-Derived CBD and Marijuana-Derived CBD?

Hemp-derived CBD and marijuana-derived CBD actually have the same chemical makeup even though they are from two different sources. While the chemical makeup and the same efficacy are shared between the two, they do have some major differences. These differences lie within legality, application, and THC content.

Hemp-Derived CBD vs. Marijuana-Derived CBD Legality

Hemp-derived CBD is legal among all 50 states as long as its THC content is 0.3% or below. Marijuana-derived CBD is only legal in states that have medical, recreational, or limited access laws. Due to differences in legality, hemp-derived CBD can be purchased anywhere online or in-store. Hemp-derived CBD doesn’t require special licensing to sell or a prescription for purchase. Marijuana-derived CBD can only be purchased in brick-and-mortar dispensaries with special marijuana licensing. In some states, marijuana-derived CBD requires a prescription or medical card for purchase.

Hemp-Derived CBD vs. Marijuana-Derived CBD Application

Hemp-derived CBD may be ideal for individuals who cannot be exposed to THC due to drug testing or other reasons. Hemp-derived CBD may be a better option for minors due to the lack of psychoactivity. Marijuana-derived CBD may be ideal for certain conditions where the higher THC content may offer certain therapeutic value.

Hemp-Derived CBD vs. Marijuana-Derived CBD THC Content

Hemp-derived CBD should always have 0.3% THC or less. Hemp naturally has a lower THC content, especially CBD-rich hemp that has been cultivated specifically for CBD extraction. Marijuana-derived CBD will have significant levels of THC that can range depending on the strain. Hemp-derived CBD is nonpsychoactive while marijuana-derived CBD does have mind-altering effects.

Learn More About Hemp-Derived CBD vs. Marijuana-Derived CBD

Hemp Depot is proud to educate all our clients on all things CBD. Even though CBD itself has the same chemical makeup and efficacy regardless of where it’s derived from, there are significant differences that are important to understand. If you are interested in selling and/or purchasing marijuana-derived CBD, please check our local state laws. Extensive licensing is required to open a dispensary which is the only establishment that can sell marijuana-derived CBD. For more information regarding the differences between hemp-derived CBD and marijuana-derived CBD, please contact us!

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