What Is the Shelf Life for Finished CBD Products?

If you’re thinking about starting a CBD company or adding CBD to your retail line, you may have wondered about its shelf life. Knowing how long you have to move products off your shelf is important. It directly impacts your profits and losses. Plus, once products expire, they may not be safe for human consumption. In this article, we’ll discuss the shelf life of CBD products and what factors go into determining their longevity.

What Is the Shelf Life for CBD Products?

Most researchers and product formulators agree that the average shelf life for CBD is about 1-2 years. To be on the safe side, many manufacturers will state that their products expire within a year. Expired CBD is not harmful to ingest (as far as we know), but the product does lose potency. We’re still learning about the degradation of CBD at this time.

However, it’s important to note that while CBD itself may not expire, other ingredients can. Therefore, CBD edibles, food, and beverage may expire sooner than a year. It’s always best to look at the manufacturer’s label.

Factors that Affect Shelf Life

1 year is the average shelf life for CBD products. But it may be shorter or longer, depending on the product. Many factors can affect the shelf life of products, including:

  • Quality: CBD products made with high grade ingredients last longer. Hemp plants that are grown in nutrient-rich soil and cared for properly result in higher quality and longer lasting products.
  • Packaging: Ever wondered why most CBD oils are sold in colorful dropper bottles? That’s because these containers protect the oil from warm temperatures, light, and air. Products sold in the right packaging last longer.
  • Storage: How CBD products are stored matters a great deal for determining their shelf life. CBD products should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from light.
  • How to Maximize the Shelf Life of Your Products

    The longer you have to sell your products, the greater your chances are of making a profit. Here are some tips for how to properly store your CBD products.

    1. Avoid Light

    Light accelerates the degradation of both CBD and terpenes. Store your products in a cool, dark place, such as a cabinet, refrigerator, pantry, or cupboard. While it may be tempting to display your products in a sunny area of your store, it’s best not to.

    2. Keep Heat Away

    The best way to maximize the longevity of your CBD products is to keep them far away from heat sources. The cooler your products are, the longer they’ll last. And they’ll look better too. Exposure to heat can cause oil to become cloudy.

    3. Use Air-Tight Containers

    Another great way to make your products last longer is by using air-tight containers. Exposure to oxygen causes CBD products to break down rapidly. Leave them in the original containers, and make sure that the caps are tight.

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