How Do I Avoid Making Claims That Aren’t Compliant with the FDA?

how to avoid claims not compliant with fda

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The FDA has been cracking down on CBD companies. Warnings have been issued to CBD companies throughout 2019, typically due to marketing claims. In order to keep your company safe from red tape or legal problems, it’s important to stay updated on policy changes. It’s also important to learn how to talk to your clients about your products without making unsubstantiated claims.

Tips for Maintaining Compliance with FDA Regulations

In order to keep your CBD company successful and your white label CBD bath bombs, topicals, tinctures, or other products selling, it may be recommended to consult with a lawyer. CBD laws are always changing, and many state and federal policies aren’t yet finalized. In addition to consulting an expert, you can also follow these tips to better ensure that your company stays compliant with FDA rules and regulations.

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Purchase Lab Tested CBD

Despite CBD being legal in all fifty states, regulations are still being made. The FDA is on a mission to make sure that CBD products are correctly labeled. In addition to ensuring you and your company don’t make medicinal claims, your CBD products should be lab-tested to ensure they’re legally compliant with the requirement of having no more than 0.3% THC.

Be Honest About Research & Scientific Information

When talking about your products or the benefits of CBD, it’s important to remember that research is still in its early stages. For many years, there were laws in place making research difficult or impossible, and this has only recently changed. Until more studies are done and more products are approved by the FDA or USDA, much of the research we know about CBD isn’t definitive.

Don’t Get Medical

No matter what anecdotal evidence you’ve heard, you can’t claim that a CBD product will help, prevent, or diagnose any condition. You might want to recommend that your clients check with their doctor to make sure CBD is compatible with their routine.

You cannot market your CBD products as a drug. There’s only one drug that has been FDA approved. Instead of marketing medicinal benefits, you might want to focus on wellness benefits or other aspects of your products.

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Educate Your Staff and Clients

Instead of making promises, share informational inserts about CBD in the packaging of your product, or direct your clients to helpful resources on your company’s website. Let them know of the potential side effects of CBD, along with the potential for drug interactions.

Keep Up With Changing Laws

Although much of the research we know about CBD isn’t definitive, many clients believe in the benefits of CBD. You can be cautious about claims about your product and still have successful sales. After all, many clients are coming into the industry after hearing good things through word of mouth and media buzz.

Hemp Depot knows the hemp and CBD industry in and out. Making sure you comply with federal and state regulations is important to keep your business reputable.

Get More Information

At Hemp Depot, we’re passionate about supporting businesses in the CBD industry. When you work with us, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. Our products are made from high-quality CBD. We maintain high standards for manufacturing, and our CBD is third-party tested to ensure it reaches the highest standards of purity. Procuring your hemp or CBD products from a top source is the first step to keeping your products FDA-friendly. For questions about the CBD business or products like white label CBD bath bombs, please contact us.

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