Can CBD Products Be Transported Across State Lines?

CBD Transportation

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The 2018 Farm Bill implemented federal law stating that hemp can be legally transported across state lines. However, many may be wondering if this applies to CBD products. Since hemp-derived CBD is legal in all 50 states, shipping CBD products shouldn’t be an issue. Looking for CBD Transportation (Interstate Travel), then you are in the right spot. When it comes to driving across state lines, this is a different story. Can CBD be shipped to all 50 states? Can I take CBD across state lines? Can you ship hemp across state lines? There are many queries regarding CBD transportation because in many states is it illegal to transport CBD across state lines?

Federal Laws vs. State Laws on CBD Transportation

Federal and state laws can conflict with each other especially when it comes to CBD transportation. The 2018 Farm Bill has a specific provision that states that interstate hemp transportation is legal as long as it is produced legally under a federal or state hemp regulatory program. Many hemp-derived CBD products may not fall under this criteria, leading to a few states arguing that these CBD products can’t be transported legally across their state lines.

Many distributors are unclear and confused about whether it is legal to shipping CBD across state lines or not. But it is clear under the Farm Bill passed in 2018 that hemp no longer remains a substance drug, and its production, transportation, and consumption across state lines are purely legal.

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While hemp-derived CBD requires a minimal THC content of less than 0.3% to be federally legal, there are still some states that haven’t created the proper legislation for the distinction between CBD and marijuana. Without this distinction, some CBD products containing minimal THC content may still be considered marijuana in these states.

States That Don’t Allow Legal CBD Product Transportation

Given below are the states that do not allow legal CBD transportation. Is it illegal to ship CBD across state lines? Some states have an issue regards shipping CBD across state lines.

  • IdahoIdaho has explicitly stated that hemp transportation across state lines is illegal. Their state law also states that any THC content is defined as marijuana and is illegal in their state.
  • Nebraska: Nebraska does not allow any CBD products to be transported across their state lines. The only exceptions to their state laws are products that have been pre-approved for the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s study program or the FDA-approved drug Epidiolex.
  • South DakotaSouth Dakota does not allow any CBD products or industrial hemp across its state lines. The only exception for South Dakota is the FDA-approved drug Epidiolex.
  • Kansas: Kansas has distinguished that CBD isolates products are allowed for transport across state lines but any CBD products with any THC content are not allowed.

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CBD Travel Tips for Interstate Trips

The TSA has updated its travel guidelines to allow passengers to take CBD with them domestically. If flying is not an option, please plan by doing research on state law for your final destination. If your destination state has legal hemp-derived CBD for purchase, it might be a good idea to leave your CBD products at home and purchase new ones when you arrive.

If there’s a specific brand that you’d like to stick with, shipping the product directly to your friend’s and family’s home or Airbnb may be an option. If you want to bring your own CBD products in the car, you may want to consider alternative routes that avoid the states where this is illegal. Can you ship CBD oil across state lines? Can I take CBD across state lines? Yes, you can ship CBD oil across state lines where CBD transportation is legal across state lines.

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Learn More About CBD Transportation (Interstate Travel)

Hemp Depot is proud to educate all our clients on the current rules and regulations on CBD transportation. Since state laws are always evolving, we recommend conducting your research before traveling. Always err on the side of caution and understand that even though federal law supersedes state law, this may not be applicable in your particular situation and isn’t a good rule to rely on. For more information regarding CBD Transportation (Interstate Travel), please get in touch with us!

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