Can Children Use CBD?

can children use cbd

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2018 was an important year for CBD. Not only did the 2018 Farm Bill make CBD and hemp legal at the federal level, but the FDA approved Epidiolex, an oral CBD medicine, for use in children. Epidiolex is the only FDA-approved CBD product, but it’s not the only one being used by parents. As demand increases for CBD for children, CBD manufacturers have been tasked to keep up.

cbd for children

Is CBD Safe for Children?

No CBD products outside of Epidiolex are FDA-approved, and while CBD is typically considered to be safe, there’s been relatively little research done about the effects of CBD in children. Despite this, anecdotal evidence and effective marketing from CBD manufacturers have created a huge demand for CBD for children. And while CBD is legal and there’s no federal minimum age to buy CBD products, children and CBD is still a murky area in many states. Until there’s more research done regarding the effects of CBD in children, it’s impossible to say with certainty whether CBD is truly safe for children.

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The Legality of CBD for Children

Despite federal legality, states are still able to set their guidelines for the CBD manufacturer, CBD retailer, and CBD consumer. That means that the rules vary from state to state, and often from retailer to retailer. While there isn’t federal legislation dictating the minimum age of purchase, most retailers limit sales to customers eighteen and older.

For parents with younger children, there’s a huge amount of stigma. Even in cases of parents giving their children CBD for serious medical issues under the advice of medical professionals, the government may step in. There have been several cases of well-meaning parents administering CBD for children, only to have CPS called to investigate.

Why Do Parents Give Their Children CBD?

CBD for children was first popularized with promising results from studies regarding children with severe seizure disorders. However, seizure disorders aren’t the only conditions that parents cite when giving their children CBD. There’s been controversy regarding administering CBD to children with mental conditions. Some parents champion giving CBD to children with conditions such as autism, ADHS, and anxiety. Children with cancer have also been known to be given CBD, much like their adult counterparts.

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What Are the Risks of Giving CBD to Children?

With laws surrounding CBD always changing, one of the biggest risk factors surrounding giving your child CBD is legal trouble. Even in instances with a documented need for CBD, there have been cases of children being taken away from their parents. Non-legal risks include:

  • Side effects: In children, CBD has been known to cause an upset stomach, in the form of nausea, diarrhea, or stomach cramps. There’s also the chance for children to become drowsy when taking CBD, as it does cause relaxing effects in some consumers. People who take CBD have also reported experiencing dry mouth.
  • THC: Hemp-derived CBD won’t get you high, but there’s a small possibility of marijuana-derived CBD getting you high. There’s also the risk of CBD products having incorrect labeling, so it’s especially important to obtain a Certification of Analysis if you’re going to give your child CBD, as THC is typically inappropriate for children.
  • Dosing: Research into CBD and children is in its early stages, so dosing guidelines are subject to change as we learn more.
  • Interactions with other medicine: Many children who receive CBD have medical conditions. This leads to a risk factor of CBD negatively interacting with, or counteracting the effects of prescribed medicines. It’s important to talk to your child’s doctor before giving them CBD.

We Don’t Have All the Information Yet

CBD For Children… Is It Safe? The truth is, we just don’t have all of the information. But even as unsure as everything is, parents are still giving their children CBD products. The legality surrounding CBD products can be confusing, especially as laws are constantly changing and research is in its infancy. As a CBD company, receiving guidance in the ways of CBD laws is invaluable.

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