Can I Provide Samples of My CBD Products to Customers in My Store?

If you’re planning on buying bulk CBD and selling it in your store or would like to open a brick-and-mortar CBD shop, you may be interested in providing samples. There are no regulations against providing CBD samples for your customers and it may be very beneficial for your business to do so.

The Benefits of Providing CBD Samples to Your Customers

According to a recent Gallup survey, 35% of Americans are unfamiliar with CBD products. Providing samples in your store is a great way to expose and educate consumers about CBD. Having properly trained professionals to explain what CBD is and all the different applications paired with providing samples can give customers a great first impression. The more you’re able to share and educate, the more likely you’ll be able to make the sale.

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Hemp Depot provides discounted CBD samples to our wholesale customers. We’re happy to provide samples of our high-quality CBD to anyone interested in our products.

Customers unfamiliar with CBD may be hesitant, confusing your products with marijuana-derived products. Providing samples can give them hands-on experience and can be especially beneficial for topical products. Topical products are great for sampling because there is no risk of drug interaction and won’t need any side effects or interaction disclaimers. You’re always welcome to provide samples of other CBD products but please be mindful of disclosing these disclaimers to your customers before they try them.

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CBD Samples and Children

There currently aren’t any regulations regarding CBD and children. It’s best practice to get the consent of a parent or guardian before giving any sample to minors. This policy is to your discretion and what you feel comfortable with. Many businesses will only sell CBD to individuals who are 18 and older.

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CBD Samples and Online Customers

You may have customers online that inquire about samples before purchase. There are no regulations regarding this, so you can send samples if you wish to do so. Make sure to include proper liability disclaimers when sending samples via delivery.

Learn More About CBD Samples

Hemp Depot is proud to educate all of our clients on all the CBD rules and regulations. Samples are a great way to introduce your potential customers to your products. Always be mindful of liability regarding age restrictions and shipping these items. For more information regarding CBD samples, please contact us!

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