Can I Sell CBD in My Existing Store or On My Existing eCommerce Site?

Since there is no special licensing required for selling CBD, it makes it even easier for your existing store or eCommerce site to start selling CBD products. Companies across various industries have started carrying CBD products. From drugstores to apparel brands, adding CBD to your product line may be beneficial. You do not need a CBD-only store or website to sell these products and they may complement your mission or existing product line.

Creating Your Own Branded CBD Line vs. Carrying Other CBD Brands

Taking advantage of Hemp Depot’s white-label opportunities to produce your own CBD line may be a viable option for you. For instance, if you have a spa and would like to offer CBD massages and/or sell CBD products it may be beneficial to have your own branded spa line of CBD products.

If there’s an existing CBD company that your customers already love, carrying that brand may be beneficial too. It’s all about your customer’s needs!

Learn More About Adding CBD to Your Existing Product Line

Hemp Depot is proud to educate all our clients on the rules and regulations of CBD. Adding CBD to your existing product line may give you the opportunity to differentiate your business. Considering white label opportunities, custom formulations, or carrying existing CBD products are all great options for businesses across various industries. For more information regarding adding CBD to your existing product line, please contact us!