Can My Salon or Spa Start Offering CBD Upgrades or Services?

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Salons and spas can differentiate their businesses and provide better customer satisfaction by offering CBD upgrades and services. Since there is no special licensing required for selling CBD, salons and spas only have to worry about training their employees and finding wholesale topical CBD products. The great thing about topical CBD is that it isn’t ingestible so there are no FDA regulations to be concerned with. Topical CBD also does not interfere with the p450 cytochrome system, meaning there are is no risk for drug interactions.

The Benefits of Providing CBD Upgrades or Services

In a recent survey, about 68% of Americans have heard about CBD. Public interest is supporting the CBD industry with many wanting to learn more. Offering CBD upgrades and services is a great way to introduce this product to your clients. It can enhance your service offerings, providing a high-profit margin while attracting more potential customers. CBD upgrades and services may expose your clients to wanting to purchase CBD products for their personal use. If you sell CBD products or your own line of products, this is a great way to increase your revenue with upsell opportunities.

Proper CBD Training and Education

A key component of deciding to offer CBD services and upgrades is to make sure you properly train and educate your employees. This way they can extend that knowledge to your customers and fortify that loyalty and trust. Having everyone on your team comprehensively educated can help you become an expert in your industry.

CBD Services for Clients Under 18

There are currently no federal regulations against providing CBD salon services for clients under 18. Certain states have regulations in place for selling CBD to minors, so please check your state law. If your state doesn’t have any regulations on selling CBD to minors, it is up to you if you’d like to make these services available for clients under 18, require parent/guardian approval, or only provide services for adults 18 and up.

Wholesale CBD Salon Products, White Label Programs, and Custom Formulations

Hemp Depot is happy to provide leading CBD salon products available for wholesale. All of our salon-grade CBD products are also available for white label or private label. Work with the nation’s leading scientists and formulators to create your own CBD salon products. We’re happy to help facilitate anything you need in order to start offering CBD upgrades or services.

Learn More About CBD Salon Upgrades and Services

Hemp Depot is proud to share all the current rules and regulations on CBD. Salons and spas are in the perfect position to start offering CBD services and can significantly improve their monthly revenue. We’re happy to help with wholesale orders, white-label opportunities, or custom formulation services. For more information regarding CBD salon upgrades and services, please contact us!

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