Can the Police Confiscate My CBD Shipment?

Can the Police Confiscate My CBD Shipment

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You may have heard news stories on CBD shipments being confiscated in various parts of the nation, understandably fueling concern for your business. The legality of CBD can be quite confusing, especially when it comes to traveling across state lines. It is important to note that the police can confiscate your CBD shipments in certain states– it is all dependent on their state laws. You may also run into a circumstance where the local police aren’t familiar with CBD and may confiscate your shipment due to ignorance or misconception.

States with CBD Transportation Laws

  • Kansas: Kansas only allows CBD isolate products to be transported across state lines. This state does not allow any CBD products with THC content to enter its state, so be aware of this when shipping or transporting.
  • South Dakota: South Dakota has made the distinction that no CBD products or industrial hemp are allowed across its state lines. The only exception to this law is the FDA-approved drug Epidiolex.
  • Nebraska: Nebraska does not allow any CBD products to be transported across its state lines. The only exceptions to this are the FDA-approved drug Epidiolex and products that have been pre-approved for the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s study program.
  • Idaho: Idaho does not allow any CBD products with THC or industrial hemp to be transported across its state lines.

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Shipping CBD to the Other States

If the police mistake your shipment for other illicit substances, they may confiscate it. In our experience, they will usually give it back after clearing up the matter. This is an unfortunate risk for the industry since there is still a lot of misconception revolving around CBD. If your CBD shipments get confiscated in a state that’s not listed above, we recommend finding legal counsel to start the process of getting your shipment back.

If your CBD shipment is confiscated in the above four states, there’s not much you can do. Even though federal law supersedes state law, it’ll be a tough battle to take on and it is probably best to cut your losses. Always speak to a legal professional if you need additional support or clarity.

Learn More About Confiscated CBD Shipments

Hemp Depot is happy to educate our clients on all the current rules and regulations on CBD. While there are some risks you’ll have to evaluate with shipping CBD, it helps to educate yourself on different state laws. Understanding that there could be situations where you have to forfeit your inventory can help you set aside a contingency fund for these circumstances. For more information regarding CBD shipments confiscation, please contact us!

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