Can You Travel Domestically or Internationally with CBD (TSA Regulations)?

can you travel domestically internationally with cbd

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When you’re thinking of traveling with your purchased wholesale CBD hemp oil or your newly formulated CBD products, or giving advice to customers about traveling with CBD, it’s important to keep up with the ever-changing laws. CBD, so long as it’s properly labeled and contains no more than 0.3% THC, is federally legal. But the legal landscape surrounding CBD is still murky — and while it’s easier to travel with your CBD than ever before, there are still bumps ahead. Here’s what the experts have to say about domestic and international when traveling with CBD.

traveling with cbd

What Are TSA Regulations Regarding CBD?

The TSA has loosened the restrictions surrounding flying with CBD, but it’s not smooth sailing. Despite federal legality, some states still have laws that prevent hemp or CBD from crossing into their state. In addition, many countries still ban CBD products, so traveling with CBD internationally can be complicated.

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Flying with CBD Domestically vs. Internationally

There is one FDA-approved CBD drug, and that is Epidiolex. As long as you have a prescription, flying with Epidiolex domestically should pose a minimum risk. With international flights, however, it may be more complicated. It’s recommended to bring a doctor’s note and look into your destination country’s laws regarding CBD.

When it comes to other CBD products, in most cases, you shouldn’t have too many issues when flying domestically. There’s always a risk of confiscation due to CBD legalization being relatively new and some employees making mistakes or emotional judgment calls, but it’s not illegal to fly domestically with your CBD.

Can u Travel Internationally with CBD Oil?

Many international destinations do not allow CBD to be brought into their country, so it’s not recommended to traveling with CBD internationally without knowing the laws of where you’re landing.

Crossing State Lines When Traveling With CBD

Whether you’re flying, driving, or taking another form of transportation, some states still consider CBD products to be marijuana. When crossing state lines or transporting your products into these states, you may be violating state law. These states include:

  • Idaho: In 2019, a man drove hemp products into Idaho. He was arrested and released on a $100,000 bond.
  • Kansas: According to the law, transporting any hemp products across Kansas state lines needs a distributor license.
  • Nebraska: Despite the 2018 Farm Bill legalizing hemp and CBD on a federal level, Nebraska has still been making arrests. As such, it might not be safe to cross into Nebraska with your products.
  • South Dakota: As of 2019, South Dakota still does not allow CBD or hemp products to cross into the state.

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Can My CBD Be Confiscated?

Although your CBD products are legal so long as they adhere to regulations, they still may end up confiscated in certain scenarios. The laws are always changing, and sometimes government employees aren’t up to date on the changes. In other situations, personal beliefs about CBD may lead an employee or official to take CBD.

CBD Laws Are Always Changing

When it comes to traveling with CBD domestically, things have gotten easier, but they’re still pretty confusing. Whenever you’re in doubt, it’s recommended to reach out to the airline for clarification on their regulations. However, when it comes to flying internationally, it’s usually not a good idea to traveling with CBD products. And while driving across state lines may be an easy way to transport your newly purchased wholesale CBD hemp oil, it may be illegal in some states.

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