Do I Need Documentation From My Doctor to Travel with CBD?

Do I Need Documentation From My Doctor to Travel with CBD

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At this time, there are no travel regulations that require passengers to have documentation from their healthcare providers in order to travel with CBD. Since CBD does not require a prescription for purchase, you should be able to travel with CBD freely within the United States. It is important to understand that while the TSA has updated its regulations to allow passengers to travel with CBD, you may still run into scenarios where misconceptions are made.

Some TSA agents may mistake your products for marijuana, so it is important to know that your CBD products are legal. We recommend not traveling with CBD internationally. Some countries have updated their CBD laws but it’s a good idea to not travel with your CBD products or at least do your own research to see if the country you’re traveling to has legalized CBD.

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Traveling with Epidiolex Internationally

If you’re prescribed Epidiolex, the only FDA-approved CBD-based pharmaceutical, you’ll need to bring your medication in its original prescription container. Since the country you’re traveling to may not have updated CBD laws, you may want to bring documentation from your doctor. When in doubt, check with your airline or customs about your upcoming travel plans.

Learn More About When You Travel With CBD

Hemp Depot is happy to share all the current rules and regulations on CBD. When you’re traveling with CBD, you may still encounter some ignorance or misconception. Be prepared and knowledgeable on the topic and your rights. If you have questions, don’t be afraid to talk to customs, your airline, or your healthcare professional. For more information regarding travel with CBD, please contact us!

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