Do I Need Special Licensing to Add CBD to My Current Services or Offerings?

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There is no special licensing required for selling CBD at this time. That means that no special licensing is required for selling CBD to your current store, services, or offerings. It is important to keep in mind that no CBD product is FDA approved except for the pharmaceutical Epidiolex. That means that restaurants, bars, and cafes looking to offer CBD menu items can’t legally do so. Certain states, like New York, have gone as far as banning the addition of CBD to menu items. Many businesses in the restaurant industry do continue to serve CBD-infused items but need to recognize that they may get fined by the FDA. It is legal to sell finished CBD products that are pre-packaged in any establishment.

Topical products are different– salons and spas can offer CBD upgrades and services since these are not ingestible items. Salons and spas looking to add CBD services to their current product offering don’t have to worry about potential drug interactions or FDA regulations. Be aware that while there are no federal regulations on selling CBD services to a minor, certain states have their own laws. Make sure to check your local state laws prior to deciding if you’d like to provide CBD spa services to minors.

Learn More About Licensing for Adding CBD to Current Services or Offerings

Hemp Depot is proud to educate our clients on all the current rules and regulations on CBD. While we wait for the FDA to release its regulations on CBD, we’re happy to provide all the information we know regarding CBD services and offerings. Be aware as a consumer that if you choose to purchase a CBD-infused product at a restaurant, bar, or cafe, there are no regulations on the safety of that product. The majority of the purchasing responsibility lies with you. For more information regarding special licensing for CBD sales, please contact us!

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