Do I Need to Have My CBD Products Third-Party, Independently Tested?

The current state of the CBD industry is under-regulated. This lack of regulations is what accounts for the different variations in cannabinoid content, THC content, and toxic fillers. While there is actually no regulation that requires CBD companies to have their products third-party, independently tested, there are many benefits for following this practice. It’s why all of Hemp Depot’s wholesale CBD, white label CBD, and branded products are tested, and we proudly display our COAs for our customers to see.

The Benefits of Third-Party, Independent Testing for Your CBD Start-Up

Even though you won’t be breaking any laws or regulations if you decide to forego testing your CBD products, we strongly discourage this. Let’s face it– analytical laboratory testing is expensive. The equipment, labor, and expertise required for lab testing are extensive, leading to significant costs for CBD companies. The reason why so many companies prioritize this expense is because of transparency.

Transparency is crucial for any CBD company, especially when so many companies are abusing the lack of regulations and producing harmful products or misleading products. Transparency builds trust between you and your customers. That’s why third-party, independent testing is crucial for the success of any CBD business. Most buyers are aware of this and do take the time to ensure COAs are up-to-date and available before purchasing. Generally, buyers will look for this information on your products and your website.

Lab testing will also provide the full cannabinoid and terpene profile for your product. There are many buyers that need to avoid THC due to drug testing or personal preference. Some customers are looking for specific cannabinoid content based on their specific needs. Having your lab results available provides peace of mind and better confidence for any buyer interested in your products.

You can always count on Hemp Depot to test our wholesale, white label, and Tru Organics, Cibadol and Pure Pet products for purity and safety. Instead of worrying about testing your products yourself, you can always trust Hemp Depot to supply pure CBD.

Learn More About Third-Party, Independent Testing for Your CBD Products

Hemp Depot is proud to educate our clients on all the rules and regulations of the CBD industry. We’re always happy to recommend accredited labs that our clients have had success working with. Embracing transparency is crucial for any CBD business and we strongly believe in providing third-party, independent testing results for your customers. For more information regarding CBD product testing, please contact us!