Does the FDA Monitor CBD Products?

The FDA is currently creating a framework for CBD product regulation. As of now, the industry is under-regulated and the FDA does not have the proper rules and regulations set in place. Currently, they do random testing and random checks on medical claims being made. The FDA has concluded that CBD does not fall under the same category as dietary supplements so they must be regulated differently. Many are urging the FDA to better regulate the industry in order to address some of the companies that have been taking advantage of the lack of regulations.

FDA Rules and Regulations on CBD

While the FDA is creating the proper regulations for this industry, you can find more information on how they’re monitoring CBD on their website. It is important to note that there is only one CBD product that’s FDA-approved and that is Epidolex. All other CBD products are not FDA approved and require a disclaimer.

Learn More About How the FDA Is Monitoring CBD Products

Hemp Depot is honored to share all the rules and regulations on CBD products. Even though the industry is under-regulated right now, it is important to uphold your quality standards to ensure the health and happiness of your customers. For more information regarding FDA regulations on CBD products, please contact us!



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