How Do I Write Content for My CBD Website in Order to Meet FDA Regulations?

After you’ve bought your bulk or white label CBD products, obtained the necessary licenses, and set up payment processing, you’re ready to start marketing your products. When it comes to writing the content for your CBD website, it is crucial to follow FDA regulations in order to prevent receiving warning letters and other disciplinary acts. The FDA forbids any claims about CBD regarding the treatment, prevention, diagnosis, or cure of any serious disease. Since the majority of the research on CBD is still in the preclinical stage, there really aren’t any definitive claims that your business can make.

The Magic Word Test for CBD Claims

When discussing the benefits of CBD, always use the magic word test. Using words like “may”, “might”, “potential”, “promising”, etc. minimizes your liability while also providing the opportunity to really tell your customers about the potential therapeutic value of CBD. When writing about potential benefits, it’s always a good idea to include citations or relevant studies. Searching online for studies and including these can help educate your customers and help build your brand authority. The more information and research you can include, the more of an industry expert you’ll be.

Learn More About How to Write FDA-Compliant CBD Website Content

Hemp Depot is proud to educate all of our clients on current CBD rules and regulations. Making sure all of your website content is FDA compliant is crucial for numerous reasons. If you ever have concerns about your website content, we’d be happy to provide our consultation services. For more information regarding how to write FDA-compliant CBD website content, please contact us!