Is CBD Federally Legal? (DEA scheduling)

After decades of social activism and lobbying, hemp-derived CBD products have finally earned a legal federal status. DEA schedules CBD as a Schedule V Drug, meaning it has the lowest potential for drug abuse compared to all other scheduled drugs.

This adjustment may take some time to get used to, but it is here to stay. Even despite the upset during the legalization process, consumers can now purchase and possess hemp-derived CBD without any legal ramifications.

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CBD Legality: Public Opinions and Private Forces

In 2018, after years of political back-and-forth, the landscape permanently changed with the passing of the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (also known as the Farm Bill). This milestone was achieved through educating Congress and years of social activism.

This was an enormous victory for supporters and has set a foundation of opportunity for business owners to take advantage of. The industry is a multi-billion dollar sector that is exponentially growing at a rapid rate. (Hemp Depot is at the forefront of these developments.)

The catch? You must be a licensed grower and follow state and federal regulations and policies.

In order to sell in all fifty states, growers may only use hemp (you may not extract the CBD from the marijuana plant) and the product must contain no more than 0.3% THC. Marijuana-derived CBD is allowed in some states, but there are restrictions.

Related Regulations and Policies

Why is that the catch? Because if you do not follow those guidelines, the CBD product is considered illegal and is subject to receiving legal ramifications. Avoid this headache by staying current on your local and federal policies, keeping your license up to date, and regularly and rigorously testing your products.

Be prepared for any inspection local agencies may conduct and educate yourself on the Farm Bill, so that you have a solid understanding of the procedures necessary to legally be able to distribute CBD products. Make sure you research your state’s local laws in order to comply with rules and guidelines specific to your state.

While the federal status of CBD was under scrutiny and speculation for quite some time, the political and social landscapes have begun to settle. This has led to a booming industry with endless facets to explore while research is being conducted.

As further research is completed and the public opinion sheds its stigma, there will be a greater influx of consumers looking for high-quality products. Position yourself ahead of the game by purchasing legal CBD products you know you can trust.

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