Is There an Age Minimum for Purchasing CBD Online?

The CBD industry is currently under-regulated meaning there is a lack of regulations when it comes to age requirements. For customers purchasing CBD online, there are no regulations preventing minors from purchasing these products. It is important to always mark vape pens and other products meant for smoking and vaping that they’re only intended for adults 18 and older. However, there really is no way to prevent minors from purchasing CBD online. So at a minimum, you’ll need to include a disclaimer on all your products that they’re only intended for adults 18 and older to limit your company’s liability.


Regulations for Minors Purchasing CBD in Stores

The same regulations go for brick-and-mortar stores– if you are selling CBD vape products, you’ll have the opportunity to check your ID. Since there are no regulations against selling CBD to minors (besides vape products), it is up to you to create the right company policy. You may feel okay selling topical items to minors while some companies may want parent or guardian permission for any purchases. It is also your right to refuse to sell CBD to any minors. Consult a legal professional and your local state laws to minimize your liability.

Learn More About Purchasing CBD Online

Hemp Depot is happy to educate our clients on all the current rules and regulations for CBD. Understanding various local, state and federal laws is important for any CBD business especially when it comes to age requirements. If you are ever unsure, it’s best to err on the side of caution and consult with professional legal counsel to find out what’s best. For more information regarding CBD age requirements, please contact us!

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