Pepsico’s New US Hemp Drink Targeting Younger, Female Customers

The latest on-the-go products for teenagers and female beverage lovers are hemp drinks and energy drinks that play a role in managing their anxiety and provide the much-needed zen after a stressful day. These help you to feel better naturally and combine ingredients that induce relaxation, boost the mood, and release tension. The hemp drink is all a rage among the youngsters and is the latest trending beverage. Hemp drink offered by Pepsico is taking drinks on to the next level of higher relaxation and less energy hit.

What This New Product Line From Pepsico Is All About

This hemp seed-infused energy beverage released by Pepsico’s Rockstar Energy with less caffeine content in comparison to different Rockstar products. In place of spiking energy level, their sugarless energy sip would not let you doze off completely.

Crafted from ingredients such as hemp seed oil, plus B vitamins every 12-ounce can is also packed with 80 mg of caffeine, as announced by the company’s portal. Arriving in three exclusive flavors – Raspberry Cucumber, Blueberry, and Passionfruit this energy drink boasts of a herbal combination that lets you relax without feeling sleepy. This wellness sip focuses more on raising good vibes and less on offering a big energy hit and can be incorporated into your daily regimen. For some self-care after a strenuous day is about having something that can be consumed without any hassles and relaxing on a sippable beverage.


A health drink, Rockstar Unplugged with its mix of various ingredients will allure younger women. As you walk out from a stressful meeting on Zoom or as your perfect company on the poolside, this energy beverage is a super refreshing option for your afternoon coffee sessions.

For great vibes on the run, Hemp-derived beverage offered by Pepsico is like an “anytime” beverage that drives away the hemp taste certain drinks can leave with its sizzling flavors. Blended with hemp seed oil, lemon balm, spearmint, and almost 80 mg of caffeine, it is hoped to lure female consumers with its slim cans.

Final Thoughts

Hemp seed contains very little or zero CBD and invite no legal restrictions when used in beverage, unlike the cannabis compound. Female consumers are expected to make a beeline for this segment of energy drinks. Get yourself fueled with this new line of hemp drinks that works to boost your cognitive potential and delivers an energy jolt with its caffeine source and promotes overall wellness. Packed with star ingredients it eliminates fatigue, enhances focus, and raises mental alertness. Other components work as antioxidants that elevate brain function, lower inflammation, and boost your well-being.

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