Are There CBD Drug Interactions or Side Effects I Need to Know?

Even though CBD is usually well-tolerated, there have been rare cases of side effects reported. Whether you’re buying bulk CBD to sell under your own brand or are simply interested in trying it yourself for the first time, it’s important to be aware of the potential risks.

Side effects from CBD can include fatigue, dry mouth, diarrhea, and changes in appetite. Side effects can be a result of numerous things, making the self-experimentation process important. Some experience side effects from improper dosage– if you experience any side effects, try reducing the dosage to see if that prevents the symptoms you’re experiencing. Another thing to be conscious of is what type of product you’re using. Some individuals tolerate CBD isolate products better than full-spectrum products. Understanding that self-experimentation is key can help you better navigate minimizing symptoms.

Another reason that you may be experiencing symptoms is because of potential drug interactions. Just like grapefruit, St. John’s wort, and watercress, CBD temporarily deactivates the p450 cytochrome enzymes in the liver that are responsible for metabolizing around 60% of pharmaceutical drugs. It is crucial to speak to your healthcare provider before taking CBD to ensure your current medication isn’t interfered with. Speak to your doctor regarding medicine scheduling and other ways that may help avoid this potential interaction.

Proper Side Effect and Drug Interaction Disclosure

Always make sure to disclose that CBD has drug interactions with your customers. Putting disclaimers on your website and products can help keep your customers safe. It’s always a good idea to recommend to your customers to speak to their healthcare provider before trying CBD as well.

Learn More About CBD Drug Interactions and Side Effects

Hemp Depot is proud to educate our clients on the efficacy and science behind CBD. The more education you’re able to provide to your customers, the more trust you’ll be able to build. Always prioritize transparency and minimizing your liability in order to keep everyone safe. For more information regarding CBD drug interactions and side effects, please contact us!