Can Certain CBD Products Be Reused?

While most CBD products are single-use designed, there are certain products that consumers may wonder if they can be reused. Products like CBD tea bags, K-tape, and clothing may seem to have this potential. When it comes to CBD tea bags and K-tape, these items may be reused but won’t offer any additional CBD. When rebrewing a second cup with CBD tea bags, the water-soluble CBD will be completely infused into the first cup you brew. The same goes for CBD K-Tape– the existing CBD will be absorbed into your skin.

Specialty CBD Clothing

Some CBD companies have started infusing CBD into clothing. They’ve engineered specialty fabrics that are meant to provide CBD for up to a certain amount of washes. These products formulated for multiple uses may be able to provide reusable CBD but only because they’re engineered that way. Generally, CBD products cannot be reused.

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