Can I Cook with CBD Oil?

CBD oil is a highly versatile compound that can be incorporated into all of your favorite recipes. From smoothies to baked goods, cooking with CBD oil can help you create your own product formulations. There are a few tips to be aware of when cooking with CBD oil:

CBD Oil Smoke Point

The infographic above details different smoke points for cannabinoids. While CBD is still safe to consume if cooked past its smoke point, it will lose potency and have a burnt taste. If cooking stovetop with CBD, we recommend using a double boiler in order to reduce the risk of burning. Double boilers help provide better control over cooking temperatures– you don’t have to purchase one, you can simply use a pot with a glass mixing bowl.

Keep in mind that there’s probably a carrier oil formulated with your CBD oil. You’ll have to research the smoke point for that carrier oil and ensure that you’re cooking with the right temperature.

CBD Oil vs. CBD Isolate Taste

CBD oil will always have an inherent earthy flavor that tastes like hemp. While many consumers are aware of this taste, it is something you should keep in mind when crafting your recipes. Some ingredients are capable of covering up this flavor while others may enhance it. For individuals looking for a flavorless option, CBD isolate is what you’re looking for. CBD isolate is a crystalline powder that has 99+% pure CBD and no other cannabinoids or terpenes. The result is a virtually flavorless powder that you can add to any cooked or baked goods.

Learn More About Cooking with CBD

Hemp Depot is proud to educate our clients on the efficacy and science of CBD. Cooking with CBD can be an incredible opportunity to formulate your own products. CBD edibles offer a unique industry to be a part of. If you’d like any help with your CBD product formulation, our team of scientists and formulators are happy to help. For more information regarding how to cook with CBD, please contact us!

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