Can I Formulate CBD Products with Other Dietary Supplements?

When it comes to formulating your own CBD products, many companies have chosen to create their own dietary supplements. CBD soft gels are very popular and are often formulated with some form of CBD and carrier oil. Some companies have chosen to create their own proprietary formula, adding additional supplements and ingredients in order to differentiate their product. So when it comes to formulating your own soft gels, pills, and supplements, are there ingredients you should avoid? What ingredients can you use?

CBD Supplement Formulations

CBD supplements can be formulated with virtually any ingredient. Better bioavailability is achieved by formulating with a carrier oil so make sure to include some sort of carrier oil in your ingredients. Besides finding the right carrier oil for your formula, everything is fair game. Companies have had success with adding melatonin, turmeric, caffeine, and other dietary supplements to their formulas. Other companies have had success in adding different isolated cannabinoids as well.

Work with the Nation’s Leading Custom CBD Formulators

Hemp Depot is proud to share the efficacy and science behind CBD. As the nation’s leading CBD formulators, we would love the opportunity to help you create the right supplement for your product line. If you already have great in-house product development, we also have exclusive bulk CBD options that ensure the purest, safest formulations for your company. For more information regarding CBD supplement formulation, please contact us!

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