Can I Take CBD While Drinking Alcohol?

If you’ve ever tried mixing THC with booze, you’re probably well aware that those two substances when ingested together tend to have a mutually reinforcing – and not always entirely pleasant – psychological effect. But what about cannabidiol (CBD); the non-psychoactive component of cannabis that more and more people have been taking? Is it safe to take CBD before going out to happy hour?

If you’re starting your own CBD private label, then you’ll likely get this question a few times a week. Consumers who are new to CBD will depend on your business for advice. Below, we’ve provided some information to help you navigate these conversations.

Mixing CBD with Alcohol: What Research Suggests

While further research still needs to be conducted, studies looking into the interactions between CBD and alcohol in humans that have been conducted thus far suggest that CBD products are safe to take with alcohol (as far as we know at this time). But that does not mean that everyone should go right ahead and take a large dose of CBD the next time they’re getting ready to meet friends for drinks.

You should always exercise caution when mixing substances. And CBD and alcohol, despite the fact that they both might be relatively innocuous on their own, are no exception. As with any chemical cocktail, people can experience a range of physical and psychological effects when taking CBD and alcohol at the same time.

Our Advice: Ask a Doctor and Start Slow

If you’re interested in trying CBD with your next beer, glass of wine, or cocktail, our recommendation is to first seek the advice of a doctor. CBD affects everyone differently, so it’s important to know what you’re getting into. If your doctor gives approval, we recommend that you take it slow. Start with a dose of CBD that’s perhaps a bit lower than what you would typically take, and after you have some alcohol in your bloodstream, pause for a moment and see how you feel. If you don’t feel anything out of the ordinary, that’s a good sign. But if you feel unusually sleepy or foggy, that might be a signal that CBD with booze isn’t right for you.

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