Can CBD Be Given to Patients in Hospice Care?

What can be more tragic than seeing a loved one nearing the end of life? Dealing with the uncertainty, despair, and pain is not only a struggle for the terminally-ill patient but also their family and caregivers.

CBD suppliers and manufacturers often tout about the benefits of the compound. But, does it benefit patients in hospice care, or is it even allowed to give CBD to hospice patients? Let’s find out.

Hospice Care and CBD

CBD is all the rage these days among people who want to attain the benefits of cannabis without its mind-altering effects. Unlike THC, the psychoactive cannabis compound, CBD doesn’t make consumers feel “high.” CBD extract derived from hemp contains only 0.3% of THC, so it doesn’t affect your mental state or make you feel euphoric.

Hospice patients need physical, professional, and emotional support. People with terminal illness turn to hospice care when all treatments fail. Hospice care not only helps the patient to deal with the pain but also focuses on improving the quality of patient’s life.

So if the goal is to improve patient’s quality of life, is it okay to give CBD to people in hospice? Is it safe? Do hospice facilities allow it?

Does CBD Help People in Hospice Care?

Patients in hospice care fight on several battlegrounds; their disease is not the only challenge they face. Hospice patients often fall prey to stress, anxiety, and depression. Can CBD help them overcome these challenges? It’s hard to say.

Research surrounding CBD is still in early stages. It’s hard to say whether or not it can benefit hospice patients in any real medical way. If you or a loved one are interested in trying it out, it may be a good idea to discuss it with a doctor. A medical professional will be able to advise you on the best options for you or your loved one.

Can You Give CBD to a Patient in Palliative Care?

While the 2018 Farm Bill legalized CBD, there is still a great deal of stigma surrounding its use. Most hospice facilities don’t consider the use of CBD products as safe. Furthermore, restrictions on cannabis make it difficult for hospices to recommend or administer CBD products.

However, it’s legal to buy CBD with less than 0.3% THC in any U.S state. So while medical professionals may not be able to recommend it, patients and their loved ones still have the ability to take matters into their own hands. So, giving CBD to a hospice patient is more of a personal choice.

This is not to say that CBD is safe for all hospice patients. CBD has negative interactions with certain medications. Furthermore, some side effects may cause discomfort in hospice patients, or lead to health complications. As previously stated, it’s always best to discuss these matters with a doctor before use.

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