Does CBD Lose Potency After Being Cooked or Exposed to High Heat?

As CBD’s popularity continues to blossom around the country, people are finding increasingly innovative and creative ways to integrate it into their daily lives. From topical creams to fizzy drinks, to CBD hemp oil sold wholesale, you’d be hard-pressed to find a cosmetic or edible amenity that hasn’t found its way into the CBD market.

But are there restrictions on how you can use it? Will exposing CBD to heat cause it to lose potency? Here’s what you need to know about cooking, baking, and heating CBD oil.

Can You Cook with CBD or Expose It to Heat?

CBD-infused baked goods and other cooked foods have been a major part of the CBD trend. As CBD becomes more widely available across the United States, more and more amateur cooks, bakers, and chefs are discovering the joys of adding it to their culinary creations.

But this particular application of CBD poses a potential problem. Since it will be exposed to high temperatures for extended periods of time, won’t CBD lose some of its potency in the process of being cooked or baked? Yes, it will. CBD degrades when it’s exposed to high heat. But there are some strategies that bakers can use to retain the potency of the hemp oil that is being used.

Cooking with CBD Oil: Hazards and Solutions

You can cook and bake with CBD, but you just have to be careful. Basically, CBD evaporates as it heats up, which leads to a loss in potency in the end product. However, there are some strategies you can use that will allow you to cook with CBD and retain a high level of potency in your dish or baked good.

Keep Temperatures Low to Retain Potency

The trick to cooking and baking with CBD is to keep temperatures below its boiling point (between 320 and 356 degrees Fahrenheit). If you’re baking CBD cupcakes at 350 degrees, the compound should retain a good deal of its potency due to the fact that the internal temperature of the cupcakes will be less than the oven that they’re baked in. The bottom line is: the more exposure to heat, the less potent your finished product will be.

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