What Bulk CBD Has the Best Bioavailability?

For companies looking into purchasing bulk CBD for their product formulations, a common question is what bulk CBD has the best bioavailability? CBD Bioavailability claims can be a significant marketing play for any company but what’s the science behind this? We’ll need to take a closer look at what bioavailability means, how that differs among different bulk CBD options, as well as the differences between administrations.

What Is Bioavailability?

Bioavailability refers to the rate and amount that something is absorbed into your bloodstream. Understanding the bioavailability of a product is important to determine the right dosage. Like any other compound, different administration methods can impact bioavailability. Bioavailability is often a concern for companies purchasing bulk CBD.


The Science Behind CBD Bioavailability

CBD and other cannabinoids are lipophilic molecules which means that they are oil-based compounds that aren’t soluble in water. If you place CBD in its natural state in water, it will float and won’t mix. Since our bodies are made up of about 60% of water, oil-based compounds have a difficult time dissolving and absorbing into our system.

Water solubility is characterized by a compound’s ability to dissolve into the water at a specific temperature. The bioavailability of any active ingredient is only achievable at 100% when directly injected into the bloodstream. Compounds that are ingested first must be metabolized before entering the bloodstream. This makes any ingested lipophilic compound incapable of reaching 100% bioavailability.

The Controversial Topic of Water-Soluble CBD Bioavailability

There are numerous claims made by companies and extractors in our industry stating that water-soluble CBD has much higher bioavailability. Some companies go as far as claiming that their nano-technology water-soluble CBD has 100% bioavailability, which simply isn’t scientifically possible. So, why are these companies making these claims? The CBD industry is unregulated right now, meaning there is no infrastructure in place stopping them. These marketing claims may be fraudulent but there simply aren’t any regulations in place yet.

According to our extractors and scientists, water-soluble CBD bioavailability is marginally better than CBD oil. There’s no significant difference in bioavailability, however, water-soluble CBD does make certain product formulations possible. It’s a more expensive extraction process, leading to higher bulk CBD costs but this can be worth it to specific clients looking to create beverages, specialty topicals, and more. We value transparency and believe it’s important to understand the differences in our bulk CBD products.

What Is The Bioavailability Of CBD oil?

bulk cbd bioavailability

When it comes to bulk CBD oil bioavailability, this highly depends on the method of administration. That means that your CBD product’s bioavailability will depend on how you consume or use it. Here are the different bulk CBD oil bioavailability based on specific administration:

CBD Intranasal Bioavailability

Intranasal CBD has the highest bioavailability of all the different administration methods. Intranasal refers to products that are meant to be inhaled ie vaped and smoked. The bioavailability of intranasal CBD is 34% to 46%, with some studies reporting as high as 56%. Intranasal CBD is absorbed immediately once it enters your lungs, directly entering your bloodstream and binding to endocannabinoid receptors. Intranasal CBD can be absorbed within minutes with effects felt within 10 minutes.


CBD Sublingual Bioavailability

Sublingual CBD refers to CBD oil tinctures and sprays that are administered sublingually or held beneath the tongue. When taken sublingually, CBD oil bioavailability ranges from 13% to 19%, with some studies reporting as high as 35%. Holding CBD oil underneath the tongue allows absorption via the sublingual gland which directly enters your bloodstream from there. Sublingual CBD can take 20 minutes or less for the effects to kick in. Users can increase their sublingual bioavailability by holding CBD under their tongue for at least 30 to 60 seconds.

CBD Oral Bioavailability

Oral CBD has the lowest bioavailability, making it the least effective administration method. While bioavailability may be lower, oral CBD like edibles and beverages are still really popular and can be favored by certain demographics. Oral CBD bioavailability ranges from 10% to 20%, with some studies reporting as low as 6%. Since oral CBD has to pass through your digestive system before entering your bloodstream, some of the CBD content can get lost through the digestive tract and liver. This process can take up to 2 hours for some individuals to feel the effects.

CBD Topical Bioavailability

Topical CBD only interacts with the local cannabinoid receptors located in the skin and doesn’t enter the bloodstream. Topical CBD bioavailability hasn’t been quantified but scientists expect it to be below.

CBD Suppository Bioavailability

CBD suppositories may offer higher bioavailability in the realm of topicals since it enters the bloodstream through the membranes in either the anus or vagina. Some studies have found that rectal CBD suppositories maybe 25% to 50% more effective than oral administration, with an average bioavailability of 13.5%.

Can You Increase Bulk CBD Bioavailability?

Unfortunately, there is no way to increase bulk CBD bioavailability. The only way you can truly control bioavailability is through administration. Keep this in mind when formulating your products and creating your company’s product line. Providing helpful information and resources for your clients is also a great way to ensure they’re getting the highest bioavailability possible. Having guidelines on each of your products can help educate your clients while building their trust and creating that long-term loyalty.

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Work with the Nation’s Trusted Bulk CBD Source

Hemp Depot is proud to be the nation’s trusted bulk CBD source and is happy to share our knowledge regarding the efficacy and science behind CBD. As a vertically-integrated company, we grow our proprietary hemp genetics on our Colorado farms and extract everything in-house. A benefit of vertical integration is the immense savings we experience. We humbly pass on these savings to you. Gain access to the highest quality bulk CBD available with the most competitive rates. If you need any help with your bioavailability formulations, we also offer leading custom formulation services. For more information regarding bulk CBD bioavailability, please contact us!

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