Why Do Some Water-Soluble CBD Products Taste Bitter?

Water-soluble CBD has offered a way to better formulate certain products, making waters, beverages, and certain topical products possible. Some companies may have noticed a slightly bitter taste when purchasing water-soluble CBD. While water-soluble CBD is meant to be virtually flavorless like CBD isolate, some companies add ingredients that can cause this undesirable flavor. Surfactants and emulsifiers are sometimes added for the formulation which can cause this bitter flavor. If you’re interested in purchasing wholesale water-soluble CBD, we recommend always asking for a sample first to ensure how it tastes. Be aware that the taste isn’t inherent to the product and you can find flavorless water-soluble CBD.

Learn More About Wholesale Water-Soluble CBD

Hemp Depot is proud to educate our clients on the efficacy and science of CBD. As the nation’s leading wholesale source for water-soluble CBD, we’re happy to provide samples for wholesale orders and give you a tour of our manufacturing facility. Our company is completely vertically integrated, meaning we source our CBD from our own hemp farms and extract it at our own labs. For more information regarding wholesale water-soluble CBD, please contact us!



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