Are There Organic Hemp Farms?

Agriculture has evolved over the millennia into a multi-billion dollar industry. Strict guidelines, rules, and policies have been put in place by both government and private groups when it comes to being able to use the word “organic hemp farms.”

Why? Simple: quality control.

To answer the question, yes, there are organic hemp farms. But in order to earn this title, organic hemp farms go through a meticulous, years-long certification process that ensures their practices fall in line with federal regulations.

certified organic hemp

What Defines Organic and Why

“Organic” is currently defined as a means by which to grow, harvest, and process goods, all while not using any substance containing harsh chemicals that can have adverse effects on both food and the consumer. These substances include pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and any other artificial agent, such as those used for the purposes of flavoring and/or coloring the product when processed.

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The main reason for safety concerns is that the harsh and sometimes harmful chemicals can contaminate our food, plants, and wildlife. Organic hemp farms have such high standards by the FDA for good reason – the title must be earned through a rigorous process that can take up to several years.

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The process to Get Official Certification

In the process to become official, there are a number of major steps that any farm or business must take to be granted their certification demonstrating that they are up to the current local and federal standards for such facilities and grounds. These steps are as follows:

• Any entity looking to become officially organic must convert entirely to using organic practices. These practices will be defined by each agency that is involved in the determination of whether the certification will be given.

• The entity must then acquire an organic certifying agent, backed by the USDA.

• Fill out an application and pay the associated fee to your USDA agent.

• The agent reviews the application to ensure that all of the business practices are up to the current USDA standards for organic hemp farms.

• An inspector is sent to do an on-site inspection of the applicant’s operations.

• The inspector reports to the agent who reviewed the application to determine validity.

• Presuming standards are achieved, the entity will then receive its certification.

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When considering the wholesaler for your CBD private label products, do not hesitate to ask them for up-to-date proof of their organic status. This will provide peace of mind during the buying cycle and ensure all marketing statements are accurate.

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