The Multifarious Benefits Of Hemp Seeds

Benefits Of Hemp Seeds

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You’re probably acquainted with chia, sunflower, and also pumpkin seeds. However, hemp plants also provide edible seeds that can be employed in various ways – and the seeds are nutrient powerhouses. Here’s the lowdown on hemp seed benefits, along with ways to include the seeds in snacks and meals.

Hemp seeds are power-packed with nutrients. A portion of the hemp plant, these seeds are technically a nut can be consumed raw or employed to prepare the oil, milk, cheese replacements, or protein powder. Many people regard hemp seeds as a superfood. The seeds bear a rich nutritional profile and offer a host of health benefits.

Although hemp seeds are derived from the Cannabis sativa plant, they do not generate a mind-altering impact. These tiny, brown seeds are abundant in fiber, protein, and flavorful healthy acids, like Omega-3s and Omega-6s. They carry antioxidant effects and may decrease symptoms of many ailments, and enhance the health of the heart, joints, and skin.

Hemp seeds can be:

  • Consumed raw, cooked, or roasted
  • Cold-pressed to create hemp seed oil
  • Shelled as hemp hearts
  • Used for hemp cheese and non-dairy hemp milk

This article evaluates the various benefits of hemp seeds and offers tips for including them in the diet.

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Nutritional Benefits Of Hemp Seeds

These seeds are packed with nutritious compounds, like:

1. Protein

Hemp seeds are a whole source of protein, offering all 9 important amino acids. Hemp seeds carry nearly equivalent protein to soybeans. Every 30 grams of seeds include almost 9.46 gm of protein.

Amino acids constitute the building blocks for all proteins. The body cannot manufacture 9 of these acids, so a person must get them from the diet. Comparatively few plant-sourced foods are entire sources of protein, rendering hemp seeds a worthy addition to a vegan diet. Hemp seeds are particularly abundant in an amino aid termed arginine, which confers benefits for heart health.

2. Unsaturated Fats

The health advantages of polyunsaturated fats, particularly omega-3 fatty acids, are becoming increasingly recognized.  Hemp seeds are a wonderful source of vital fatty acids, like alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), an omega-3 fatty acid. The body cannot manufacture vital fatty acids, so the body must assimilate them from the meal. They are critical for long-term health.

The ratio of omega-3s to omega-6s is also vital. Generally, people tend to consume excessive omega-6s and slight omega-3s, though including hemp seeds in the diet may aid to promote a balance. As per a 2015 animal study, including hemp seeds and hemp seed oil in the diet of hen-laid eggs with raised levels of omega-3s within the yolks and a more wholesome omega-3 to omega-6 ratio.

Further, hemp seeds are less saturated fats and include nil trans fats.

3. Fiber

Most of the fiber in a hemp seed resides in its external shell or hull. If probable, buy hemp seeds with the hulls present.

Nevertheless, even minus the shells, hemp seeds are a nice source of fiber.

Consuming sufficient fiber daily can:

  • Lower the appetite
  • Aid with weight management
  • Act to harmonize blood sugar levels
  • Improve the gut health

4. Vitamins And Minerals

Hemp seeds carry a striking assortment of vitamins and minerals and are particularly abundant in:

  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin E
  • Potassium
  • Phosphorous

They are also a splendid source of zinc, iron, and B vitamins, like:

  • Riboflavin
  • Niacin
  • Vitamin B-6
  • Thiamine
  • Folate

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Health Benefits Of Hemp Seeds

Apart from the nutritional advantages, a few research indicates that hemp seeds carry an extensive assortment of positive health effects. This might:

1. Safeguard The Brain

Safeguard Brain Health

The CBD compound present in hemp seeds may aid with neurological conditions.

A study posted in the Food Chemistry journal discovered that hemp seed extract has antioxidant impacts in lab tests. These impacts may arise from the seed’s CBD content.

Results of a 2018 review indicated that CBD and different compounds within the seeds may possess anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective, effects and may also aid to control the immune system.

The review indicates that, due to these potential properties, CBD may aid with neurological conditions, like:

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Neuropathic pain
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Childhood seizure ailments

2. May Enhance Heart Health

Enhance Heart Health

The medical community holds that omega-3 fatty acids promote heart health and lower the risk of arrhythmias and heart disease.

Hemp seeds carry high concentrations of omega-3s and a wholesome ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids. These seeds also carry high concentrations of arginine, an amino acid that converts to nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is important for artery and vein dilation, and it aids maintain blood vessels’ elasticity and smoothness.

Lessening blood pressure, consuming a wholesome diet, and participating in different types of exercise may aid to lower the risk of heart failure. Hemp seeds are an excellent source of magnesium, which aids control of your heartbeat and is associated with the avoidance of coronary heart disease. They also include Linoleic acid, which was discovered in one study to lessen participants’ cholesterol concentrations by 15% and may serve to lower blood pressure.

3. Lower Inflammation


The quantity of omega-3s in hemp seeds along with the seeds’ wholesome omega-3 to omega-6 ratio can concurrently aid to decrease inflammation.

Additionally, hemp seeds are an abundant source of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), a polyunsaturated fatty acid that may also exert anti-inflammatory effects.

A few studies on animals indicate that GLA can serve as a powerful anti-inflammatory. A review in The European Journal of Pharmacology mentions that humans process GLA in an extremely complex way, which may elucidate why the studies on humans deliver more different outcomes than those on animals.

When viewing these studies, it is vital to observe that researchers generally utilize high potencies of hemp seed extracts and that consuming the seeds may provide less dramatic effects.

Lowering inflammation may aid regulate the symptoms of chronic diseases, like:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Heart disease
  • Arthritis
  • Non-alcohol-based fatty liver disease

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4. Better Skin Conditions

Benefits of Hemp Seeds

Acne and atopic dermatitis can both arise from chronic inflammation. The anti-inflammatory compounds in hemp seeds may aid. Among other probable dietary reasons, acne may be associated with inadequacy in omega-3s. The heavy omega-3 content in hemp seeds may aid to regulate and lower acne symptoms.

A 2018 review analyzed the impact of dietary changes on skin diseases. While the authors discovered evidence that consuming greater omega-3s may better acne symptoms, ascertaining the extent of the effects will need further research. The authors also observe that prebiotics and plant fibers may aid to regulate AD symptoms. Hemp seeds are an abundant source of plant fiber.

5. Alleviate Rheumatoid Arthritis

Benefits Of Hemp Seeds
CBD Softgels

Rheumatoid arthritis comprises an autoimmune disorder. It leads the immune system to invade its tissues, which causes joint inflammation.

A 2014 research done in human cells indicated that hemp seed oil could exert an anti-rheumatic impact. However, more research is needed to conclusively prove that cannabinoids could successfully heal rheumatic diseases.

Try including hemp seeds into the diet by:

  • Including the seed in smoothies
  • Sprinkling ground or whole seeds on yogurt or cereal
  • Baking with hemp seeds and others abundant in omega-3s
  • Sprinkling hemp seeds, together with other nuts or seeds, on a salad
  • People can get hemp seeds in a few health food stores, supermarkets, and online.

6. Alleviates The Symptoms of PMS

Mood swings and cravings and cramping…ugh! The happy news: those entire fatty acids (EFA) in hemp seeds may aid with your entire PMS worries. Research from the journal Reproductive Health discovered that women who took 2 grams of EFAs daily across a 6-month duration witnessed a lowering of pre-menstrual syndrome symptoms. You can obtain an equivalent quantity of EFAs in one serving of hemp seeds or hemp oil.

7. Increase The Level Of  Antioxidants

If the vitamins, healthy fats, proteins, and minerals weren’t sufficient, hempseed is abundant in free-radical combating antioxidants, like tocopherols, flavonoids, and phytosterols.

CBD Tincture
CBD Isolate Tincture

Antioxidants aid stop oxidants (reactive molecules present in the environment and created in your own body) from harming your body’s cells. Antioxidants may aid lower the chance of chronic diseases like neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, gastrointestinal ailments, and cardiovascular diseases, among others.

Buy The Best Hemp Seeds

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Final Thoughts

Though hemp seeds have just currently become common in the West, they form a staple food in numerous societies and offer superb nutritional value. They are extremely rich in wholesome fats, high-grade protein, and different minerals.

Nevertheless, hemp seed shells might include trace quantities of THC (less than 0.3%), the psychoactive compound in marijuana. People who rely on cannabis may wish to avoid hemp seeds in any form. Generally, hemp seeds are awesomely healthy. They may be one of several superfoods worth their reputation.

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