Is All Hemp Non-GMO?

Non-GMO Hemp

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Currently, all hemp is Non-GMO. Non-GMO Hemp is environmentally friendly. Hemp is a naturally pest-resistant plant and while selective breeding has played a major role in creating CBD-rich hemp seed, some may be curious if non gmo hemp plants could be on the horizon. GMO crops have been developed by implanting the genes of protein, bacteria, and/or pesticides to defend them against weeds and insects.

According to a study, by Dr. Ron Turco, the head of agronomy at Purdue University, genetically modified hemp isn’t available in the market and isn’t being widely researched either. “There are no registered pesticides for hemp, so resistance to herbicides is not something anybody is working on because there is nothing to be resistant to. And then no one has talked about the modification for something like disease control because they’re not clear about what the disease issues are yet.”

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Engineered THC-Free Hemp

Pesticide resistance isn’t a concern for hemp cultivation yet since it just recently became a legal commodity in all 50 states. However, breeders are looking to engineer THC-free hemp. This could be a significant move forward since the US government states that hemp plants have to have 0.3% THC or less. If a hemp farm is discovered to have a single plant with more than 0.3% THC, the entire crop is required to be burned. This regulation has added considerable financial risk for farmers.

THC-free hemp crops won’t be happening any time soon– the USDA has to approve all GMO crops that enter the US market, which may be tricky since we are still waiting on regulations produced by the 2018 Farm Bill.

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Learn More About Non-GMO Hemp

Hemp Depot is proud to educate our clients on all things hemp. As the leading hemp farmers in the nation, we’ve worked closely with hemp crops and understand the implications of genetic modification. We’re committed to high purity standards and understand the impact of pesticides. That’s why our farms utilize organic farming practices and Non-GMO hemp, all-natural hemp seed. For more information regarding Non-GMO hemp, please contact us!

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